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Supervisory Insights

Supervisory Insights

Last Updated: July 26, 2023


Supervisory Insights is published by the Division of Risk Management Supervision of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to promote sound principles and practices for bank supervision.

Disclaimer:  Links in older issues of Supervisory Insights may not be current due to the age of these documents.

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Issue Articles in this Issue
Summer 2022 – HTML, PDF
  • Commercial Real Estate: An Update on Bank Lending Amid the Evolving Pandemic Backdrop – HTML, PDF
  • Subordinated Debt:  Issuance and Investment Considerations – HTML, PDF
Fall 2019 – HTML, PDF
  • Commercial Real Estate Loan Concentration Risk Management – HTML, PDF
  • Leveraged Lending: Evolution, Growth and Heightened Risk – HTML, PDF
Winter 2018 – HTML, PDF
  • Transitions in Financial Instrument Reference Rates – HTML, PDF
Summer 2018 – HTML, PDF
  • Oil Price Volatility and Bank Performance: A View from the Supervisory Process – HTML, PDF
  • Credit Risk Grading Systems: Observations from a Horizontal Assessment – HTML, PDF
Winter 2017 – HTML, PDF
  • Credit Management Information Systems: A Forward-Looking Approach – HTML, PDF
  • Underwriting Trends and Other Highlights from the FDIC’s Credit and Consumer Products/Services Survey – HTML, PDF
Summer 2017 – HTML, PDF
  • Community Bank Liquidity Risk: Trends and Observations from Recent Examinations – HTML, PDF
  • The Bank Secrecy Act: A Supervisory Update – HTML, PDF
Winter 2016 – HTML, PDF
  • Credit Risk Trends and Supervisory Expectation Highlights – HTML, PDF
Summer 2016 – HTML, PDF
  • De Novo Banks: Economic Trends and Supervisory Framework – HTML, PDF
  • "Matters Requiring Board Attention" Underscore Evolving Risks in Banking – HTML, PDF
Special Corporate Governance Edition 2016 – HTML, PDF
Updated October 2018
  • A Community Bank Director's Guide to Corporate Governance: 21st Century Reflections on the FDIC Pocket Guide for Directors – HTML, PDF
    Updated October 2018: Chapter III has been revised to reflect updates to the FDIC Manual of Examination Policies.
Winter 2015 – HTML, PDF
  • A Framework for Cybersecurity – HTML, PDF
  • Marketplace Lending – HTML, PDF
  • Lending Viewpoint: Results from the FDIC's Credit and Consumer Products/Services Survey – HTML, PDF
Summer 2015 – HTML, PDF
  • Strategic Planning in an Evolving Earnings Environment – HTML, PDF
  • Bank Investment in Securitizations: The New Regulatory Landscape in Brief – HTML, PDF
Winter 2014 – HTML, PDF
  • Effective Governance Processes for Managing Interest Rate Risk – HTML, PDF
  • Developing the Key Assumptions for Analysis of Interest Rate Risk – HTML, PDF
  • Developing an In-House Independent Review of Interest Rate Risk Management Systems – HTML, PDF
  • What to Expect During an Interest Rate Risk Review – HTML, PDF
Summer 2014 – HTML, PDF
  • Alternatives to Consultants: Meeting Regulatory Expectations with Internal Resources – HTML, PDF
  • Supervisory Trends: "Matters Requiring Board Attention" Highlight Evolving Risk in Banking – HTML, PDF
Winter 2013 – HTML, PDF
  • Industry Trends Highlight Importance of Effective Interest-Rate Risk Management – HTML, PDF
  • Lending Trends: Results from the FDIC's Credit and Consumer Products/Services Survey – HTML, PDF
  • The New Basel III Definition of Capital: Understanding the Deductions for Investments in Unconsolidated Financial Institutions – HTML, PDF
Summer 2013 – HTML, PDF
  • Credit Risk Assessment of Bank Investment Portfolios – HTML, PDF
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: A Compliance Perspective – HTML, PDF
  • From the Examiner's Desk: The Evolution of Bank Information Technology Examinations – HTML, PDF
Winter 2012 – HTML, PDF
  • Mobile Payments: An Evolving Landscape – HTML, PDF
  • High-Yield Checking Accounts: Know the Rules – HTML, PDF
Summer 2012 – HTML, PDF
  • The Risk Management Examination and Your Community Bank – HTML, PDF
  • Stress Testing Credit Risk at Community Banks – HTML, PDF
  • Results from the FDIC's Credit and Consumer Products/Services Survey: Focus on Lending Trends – HTML, PDF
  • Accounting News: Accounting for Troubled Debt Restructurings – HTML, PDF
Winter 2011 – HTML, PDF
  • Navigating the Real Estate Valuation Process – HTML, PDF
  • Mobile Banking: Rewards and Risks – HTML, PDF
Summer 2011 – HTML, PDF
  • Managing Risks in Third-Party Payment Processor Relationships – HTML, PDF
  • From the Examiner's Desk: SBA Lending: Insights for Lenders and Examiners – HTML, PDF
Special Foreclosure Edition – HTML, PDF
  • Regulatory Actions Related to Foreclosure Activities by Large Servicers and Practical Implications for Community Banks – HTML, PDF
Winter 2010 – HTML, PDF
  • Trust Preferred Securities and the Capital Strength of Banking Organizations – HTML, PDF
  • Insights from the FDIC's Credit and Consumer Products/Services Survey – HTML, PDF
  • Senior Life Settlements: A Cautionary Tale – HTML, PDF
  • From the Examiner's Desk: Managing Agricultural Credit Concentrations – HTML, PDF
Summer 2010 – HTML, PDF
  • FDIC Loss-Sharing Agreements: A Primer – HTML, PDF
  • From the Examiner's Desk: Amendments to Regulation Z: Compliance Challenges for Bankers and Examiners – HTML, PDF
Winter 2009 – HTML, PDF
  • Nowhere to Go but Up: Managing Interest Rate Risk in a Low-Rate Environment – HTML, PDF
  • Not Just Adding Up the Numbers: Achieving CRA Objectives in Challenging Times – HTML, PDF
  • From the Examiner's Desk: Customer Information Risk Assessments: Moving Toward Enterprise-wide Assessments of Business Risk – HTML, PDF
Summer 2009 – HTML, PDF
  • A Year in Bank Supervision: 2008 and a Few of Its Lessons – HTML, PDF
  • Remote Deposit Capture: A Primer – HTML, PDF
  • From the Examiner's Desk: Changes to Regulation Z Afford Increased Consumer Protections – HTML, PDF
Winter 2008 – HTML, PDF
  • The Changing Liquidity Landscape – HTML, PDF
  • Reverse Mortgages: What Consumers and Lenders Should Know – HTML, PDF
  • From the Examiner's Desk: Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices: Recent FDIC Experience – HTML, PDF
  • Accounting News: Accounting for Business Combinations – HTML, PDF
Summer 2008 – HTML, PDF
  • Enhancing Transparency in the Structured Finance Market – HTML, PDF
  • Hybrid ARMs: Addressing the Risks, Managing the Fallout – HTML, PDF
  • A Primer on the Use of Interest Reserves – HTML, PDF
  • Accounting News: External Auditors' Reports: Communication of Internal Control Deficiencies – HTML, PDF
Winter 2007 – HTML, PDF
  • Liquidity Analysis: Decades of Change – HTML, PDF
  • Managing Commercial Real Estate Concentrations – HTML, PDF
  • Connecting the Dots … The Importance of Timely and Effective Suspicious Activity Reports – HTML, PDF
  • HMDA Data: Identifying and Analyzing Outliers – HTML, PDF
  • Authentication in Internet Banking: A Lesson in Risk Management – HTML, PDF
  • From the Examiner's Desk: Community Bank Leverage Strategies: Short-term Rewards and Longer-term Risks – HTML, PDF
Summer 2007 – HTML, PDF
  • Third Party Arrangements: Elevating Risk Awareness – HTML, PDF
  • Staying Alert to Mortgage Fraud – HTML, PDF
  • Wind Hazard Insurance: No Longer Just a Technical Exception – HTML, PDF
  • From the Examiner's Desk: The e-Exam – HTML, PDF
  • Accounting News: Recent Developments Affecting the Accounting for Split-Dollar Life Insurance Arrangements – HTML, PDF
Winter 2006 – HTML, PDF
  • Incident Response Programs: Don't Get Caught Without One – HTML, PDF
  • Chasing the Asterisk: A Field Guide to Caveats, Exceptions, Material Misrepresentations, and Other Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices – HTML, PDF
  • Understanding BSA Violations – HTML, PDF
  • From the Examiner's Desk: Examiners Report on Commercial Real Estate Underwriting Practices – HTML, PDF
  • Accounting News: Auditor Independence – HTML, PDF
Summer 2006 – HTML, PDF
  • Operational Risk Management: An Evolving Discipline – HTML, PDF
  • Banks and Hurricanes: A Look Back at the Storms of 2004-2005 – HTML, PDF
  • Enforcement Actions Against Individuals: 2005 - A Year in Review – HTML, PDF
  • From the Examiner's Desk: Two Years After: Assessing the Impact of the New HMDA Reporting Requirements – HTML, PDF
  • Accounting News: Accounting for Employee Stock Options – HTML, PDF
Winter 2005 – HTML, PDF
  • Model Governance – HTML, PDF
  • Online Delivery of Banking Services: Making Consumers Feel Secure – HTML, PDF
  • Enforcement Actions Against Individuals: Case Studies – HTML, PDF
  • From the Examiner's Desk: The FDIC's Relationship Manager Program: A Win/Win Situation – HTML, PDF
  • Capital and Accounting News: Basel II and the Potential Effect on Insured Institutions in the United States: Results of the Fourth Quantitative Impact Study – HTML, PDF
Summer 2005 – HTML, PDF
  • A Changing Rate Environment Challenges Bank Interest Rate Risk Management – HTML, PDF
  • Enforcement Actions Against Individuals in Fraud-Related Cases: An Overview – HTML, PDF
  • Fair Lending Implications of Credit Scoring Systems – HTML, PDF
  • The Changing Landscape of Indirect Automobile Lending – HTML, PDF
  • From the Examiner's Desk: Enhancing Examiner Review of Technology Service Providers – HTML, PDF
  • Accounting News: Other-Than-Temporary Impairment of Investment Securities – HTML, PDF
Winter 2004 – HTML, PDF
  • Economic Capital and the Assessment of Capital Adequacy – HTML, PDF
  • Linking International Remittance Flows to Financial Services: Tapping the Latino Immigrant Market – HTML, PDF
  • The Importance of a Loan Policy "Tune-Up" – HTML, PDF
  • From the Examiner's Desk: A Focus on the Appraiser Referral Process – HTML, PDF
  • Accounting News: Accounting Procedures for Federal Home Loan Bank Mortgage Partnership Finance Programs – HTML, PDF
Summer 2004 – HTML, PDF
  • The FDIC's Supervision of Industrial Loan Companies: A Historical Perspective – HTML, PDF
  • Compliance Examinations: A Change in Focus – HTML, PDF
  • Federal Home Loan Bank Advances: A Supervisory Perspective – HTML, PDF
  • Assessing Commercial Real Estate Portfolio Risk – HTML, PDF
  • From the Examiner's Desk: Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Programs – HTML, PDF
  • Accounting News: Accounting for Purchased Impaired Loans – HTML, PDF