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CIO Organization Strategic Plan 2020-2023: Theme: Excellent Service Delivery

Theme: Excellent Service Delivery

Each Strategic Objective directly addresses a single Perspective. Pairs of Strategic Objectives and Perspectives work together to support one or more Strategic Themes. On this page, see how the Strategic Objectives (bold) and Perspectives work together to support the Strategic Theme of Excellent Service Delivery.

Theme Description

Excellent Service Delivery: We provide secure, timely, efficient, and high-quality services that consistently exceed customer needs and expectations.

Customer Perspective icon Customer Perspective

Shared goals and expectations for service delivery strengthen partnerships between CIOO staff and customers. Business and CIOO personnel share the responsibility for excellent service delivery and rely on strong communication and trust. Through increased engagement with customers, CIOO staff will have an improved understanding of the FDIC business domain and can anticipate customer needs. Increased knowledge of customer needs and shared goals lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Financial Stewardship Perspective icon Financial Stewardship Perspective

Strong understanding of customer needs helps the CIOO invest in impactful activities while reducing spending in areas with low return on investment. Automated monitoring, reduced network complexity, and reduced software duplication improve the utilization of IT assets.

Internal Process Perspective icon Internal Process Perspective

Service and product delivery are timely and accurate. The CIOO team maintains a catalogue of easy to use self-service-based tools that are customized to meet customer needs. Strong project management improves the delivery of services by ensuring consistent, reliable communication and service. Processes are well-documented, consistent, and repeatable, and staff are empowered to make decisions where appropriate. Improved governance means that CIOO staff and customers are empowered, not hindered, by bureaucracy. The CIOO promotes transparent communication with customers by building and improving communication processes. Internal and external customers maintain awareness of the full suite of IT Services offered by the CIOO, and they understand how new services, products, and processes will affect their business.

People Tools and Technology Perspective icon icon People Tools and Technology Perspective

Technology enables the secure, reliable, and scalable delivery of services by reducing manual processes and providing access to self-service capabilities. The CIOO improves technology by keeping systems current with the latest features and increasing automation. The CIOO improves workforce knowledge and skills to meet the demands of this new technology by offering training opportunities, focusing on knowledge management within the organization, and hiring key positions.

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