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Strategic Plans

Last Updated: April 5, 2024
Strategic Reports

Review the FDIC's strategic plans and its performance.

  • 2022-2026 FDIC Strategic Plan
    The long-term strategic goals and objectives for carrying out its core mission responsibilities for insuring depositors, supervising insured institutions, and resolving the failure of insured institutions.
  • 2024 Annual Performance Plan
    The specific annual performance goals, indicators, and targets for each of the FDIC's three major business lines - Insurance, Supervision, and Receivership Management.
  • CIO Organization Strategic Plan 2020-2023
    The opportunities to improve internal operations in a constantly evolving information technology (IT) environment.
  • Diversity Strategic Plan
    The course to achieve workforce diversity by recruiting from a diverse, qualified group of potential applicants; cultivating workplace inclusion through collaboration, flexibility, and fairness; and ensuring sustainability of our diversity and inclusion achievements by equipping leaders with the ability to manage diversity, measure results, and refine approaches on the basis of data.
  • Chief Data Officer
    The person responsible for implementing the FDIC’s data strategy.