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CIO Organization Strategic Plan 2020-2023: Message from the CIO

Message from the CIO

I am pleased to present the 2020-2023 Chief Information Officer Organization (CIOO) Strategic Plan. This plan will guide our efforts to provide scalable, efficient, cost-effective technology that enables continuous and secure access to data from any place at any time.

The CIOO Strategic Plan is organized around four strategic themes:

  • Effective Communication
  • Strategic Focus
  • Excellent Service Delivery
  • Engaged Organization

As part of our commitment to these themes, the CIOO will publish an FDIC IT Modernization Plan. This effort complements the strategic objectives laid out in the CIOO Strategic Plan and gives the Corporation a roadmap for building an agile technology environment that improves FDIC engagement with regulated institutions, consumers and other key stakeholders, modernizes and simplifies the overall IT environment, and provides a plan for the CIOO workforce with the skills, training, and tools necessary to execute the business’ strategy and mission.

The CIOO developed this Strategic Plan collaboratively in accordance with the Balanced Scorecard Framework. It includes significant input from our business stakeholders and CIOO staff, and includes strategic objectives, intended results, and performance measures. We continue our work in developing and refining our key performance indicators and targets. They are based on the current IT environment and may change as new challenges are posed by technological developments or internal drivers.

I am proud and honored to lead a group of talented, smart, and dedicated professionals who, in collaboration with the business, will deliver on our plan. The plan guides our efforts, helps us prioritize, and is broad enough to enable us to address new opportunities and challenges as they arise. We are committed to providing products and services that enable the FDIC's business lines to be more efficient and innovative in carrying out the FDIC's mission of maintaining the stability of, and public confidence in, the nation's financial system.

Howard Whyte
Chief Information Officer and Chief Privacy Officer

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