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CIO Organization Strategic Plan 2020-2023: Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives provide the CIOO with concrete, actionable steps to achieve desired Strategic Results.

Strategic Objectives Objective Intended Results
Improve Communication Customers receive accurate and timely data.
Increase Customer Satisfaction Customers are satisfied with the IT services and solutions received.
Strengthen Partnerships Increased partnerships among staff and customers in the delivery of quality IT services that meet the objectives.
Improve Use of Resources Improved utilization of IT assets.
Improve Budget and Strategy Alignment IT investments and initiatives are selected from strategic roadmaps for funding and execution.
Improve Communications Process Clear priorities are communicated to CIOO, business units, partners, and customers.
Improve Human Capital Management Key positions are filled in a timely manner.
Improve the Delivery of IT Services Services are delivered within service-level agreements (SLAs) as contained in the service catalog and contracts.
Improve Governance Established lines of authority where decisions are defined and documented.
Increase Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) CIOO staff knowledge and skills match the organizational needs.
Improve Innovation The organization adopts technology that is aligned with strategy.
Improve Technology Decreased number of manual processes by increasing % of automated processes.

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