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Deposit Insurance

The FDIC provides deposit insurance to protect your money in the event of a bank failure. Your deposits are automatically insured to at least $250,000 at each FDIC-insured bank.
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What Does Deposit Insurance Cover?

FDIC deposit insurance protects money you hold at an FDIC-insured bank in traditional deposit accounts like:

Coverage is automatic when you open one of these types of accounts at an FDIC-insured bank. Learn more about what’s covered:

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What Financial Products are Not Covered?

The FDIC only insures your money if it is in a deposit account at an FDIC-insured bank. Banks offer some financial products and services that are not deposits, and the FDIC does not insure them. These include:

What FDIC Insurance Doesn’t Cover

How Do You Get An Insured Account?

Large and small banks across the country offer deposit accounts backed by FDIC deposit insurance. Coverage is automatic when you open one of these types of accounts at an FDIC-insured bank. If you are in one of the 5.9 million U.S. households without a bank account, and you are looking to open an account, FDIC has resources to help get you started.

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Consumer FAQ

Our Frequently Asked Questions page provides details on deposit insurance coverage, FDIC actions in the event of a bank failure, finding an insured bank, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Deposit Insurance
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Information for Bankers

The FDIC has created useful resources to help bankers provide depositors with accurate information on deposit insurance. We also host webinars that cover the basics of deposit insurance, advanced insurance topics, and insurance coverage for bankers.

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Need Help?

Contact the FDIC

Call us at 1-877-275-3342 (1-877-ASK-FDIC) to determine your deposit insurance coverage or ask any other specific deposit insurance questions.

Visit the FDIC Information and Support Center to submit a request, share a complaint, check on the status of a complaint or inquiry, or securely exchange documents with the FDIC.