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Deposit Insurance Assessments

Deposit Insurance Assessments

Last Updated: April 1, 2022


This assessments webpage is an overview of FDIC’s deposit insurance assessments. The FDIC has addressed emerging changes in the banking industry to better conduct its deposit insurance assessment responsibility and to ensure consumer protection and the safety of the industry. To understand the quarterly assessment procedure, the webpage provides the following: the invoicing process; payment information; compliance reviews of assessment reporting; risk-based pricing of assessments; current FDIC assessment rates; and the use of FDICconnect to download the invoice and FDIC correspondence. The webpage also provides: sample invoices of small and large banks; an assessment calendar to help plan for each invoicing cycle; and information on assessments for new institutions, voluntary liquidations, and mergers, acquisitions of failures, and branch sales. The webpage contains information on how an institution can request a review of its invoice. Plus there are web links to related information on the FDIC's corporate website.

Note: This webpage is intended to serve as a helpful guide to the operation of the assessments laws and regulations. We believe the information presented in this webpage is consistent with the associated statutes and regulations; if there is a discrepancy, the statutes and regulations prevail. Please go to: 12 C.F.R. Part 327. Additionally, the webpage follows: FDIC Website Policies.

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