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CIO Organization Strategic Plan 2020-2023: Conclusion and Path Forward

Conclusion and Path Forward

The CIOO Strategic Plan reaffirms the organization’s commitment to supporting the mission and business of the FDIC. In approaching strategy from the perspectives of its customers, financial stewardship, internal process, and people, tools, and technology, this plan ensures that the needs of all stakeholders are met and that outcomes reflect the priorities of the FDIC. 

Moving forward, this Strategic Plan will serve as a dynamic and adaptive tool to guide the work of the CIOO across four Strategic Themes:

The Strategic Themes above and their associated Strategic Objectives will provide structure and guidance for major initiatives undertaken by the CIOO across the next four years. While the plan does not exclusively dictate CIOO operations and strategies, it will guide the CIOO’s future.

The roadmap for much of the technical work introduced in the CIOO Strategic Plan is the CIOO’s IT Modernization Plan. The IT Modernization Plan will build on the Strategic Themes and Objectives identified in the Strategic Plan, and like the Strategic Plan, it will approach its goals from multiple perspectives. However, where the CIOO Strategic Plan is broad, the IT Modernization Plan will identify the specific actions required to modernize the FDIC’s IT environment. The IT Modernization Plan, which the CIOO plans to complete by August 15, 2019, will use a series of business drivers that describe the FDIC’s top priorities and goals, as well as business capabilities that cover the breadth of FDIC functions, to define the future state of IT for the Corporation, and recommend a five-year IT investment portfolio to achieve intended results. The roadmap will consider changes needed to people, processes, and technology to achieve our future state.  

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