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CIO Organization Strategic Plan 2020-2023: Strategic Themes and Strategic Results

Strategic Themes and Strategic Results

This plan has identified a series of business challenges and technological trends placing new demands on the IT operating model. In response to the items identified, the CIOO must provide timely delivery of solutions to meet new priorities. Whether the priority is a result of increasing security threats and the consequences from incidents, or simply the expectation of faster enablement of business operations through IT, timely delivery is required.

At the same time, the CIOO hopes to drive innovation to serve the mission of the FDIC, while service expectations continue to increase without additional funding. In order for the FDIC to deliver on its mission, the IT operating model must accommodate increased speed, value, and innovative solutions.

The following Strategic Themes and their corresponding Strategic Results form the backbone of the 2020-2023 CIOO Strategic Plan. These are the broad, cross-cutting ideas that make the CIOO effective and offer guidance on how the organization can support the needs of the FDIC in a time of rapid technological change.

Strategic Themes Strategic Results
Effective Communication We promote transparency by sharing timely, relevant information that is integrated into daily operations. This enables sound decision-making, optimizes collaboration, and ensures operational excellence.
Strategic Focus We continuously refine and execute on a clear, comprehensive, multi-year plan. This results in a modern, cost-effective, and agile IT environment that fosters business innovation, efficiency, and decision-making.
Excellent Service Delivery We provide secure, timely, efficient, and high-quality services that consistently exceed customer needs and expectations.
Engaged Organization We are an engaged and empowered trusted advisor to our customers and stakeholders. We develop and share knowledge and expertise to continuously improve the organization. Institutional knowledge and new expertise are infused and utilized to uplift the organization. We have the optimal resources to meet the needs of the FDIC.

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