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Diversity and Inclusion

In 1999, the FDIC published its first Diversity Strategic Plan, outlining its commitment to recruiting and retaining the most qualified employees in the labor market. Our updated Plan ensures that we focus on relevant matters.

The Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI) was established in January 2011, pursuant to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Section 342. OMWI is responsible for diversity in management, employment and business activities. We work to ensure the fair inclusion and use of minorities, women, and minority- and women-owned businesses, law firms, and investors in contracting and investment opportunities.

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Financial Institution Diversity

Learn about standards for assessing diversity and inclusion in FDIC-Regulated financial institutions.

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Equal Opportunity

Learn about the FDIC’s equal opportunity program, rights and responsibilities, protections and complaints of discrimination.

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Minority and Women Outreach Program

Learn how the FDIC’s outreach program to increase to the maximum extent possible, the inclusion of minorities and women, and entities owned by them, the opportunity to FDIC contracts, legal services, asset purchases, and investment opportunities.

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Persons with Disabilities

Learn more about the FDIC’s support for persons with disabilities.

  • Chairman’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement

    Acting Chairman Gruenberg reaffirms the FDIC's commitment to the principles of equal employment opportunity (EEO), non-discrimination, and diversity and inclusion in the FDIC workplace.

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  • Action Plan for a Safe, Fair, and Inclusive Work Environment

    Review a living document that describes steps the agency is taking to address harassment and discrimination in the workplace and support for FDIC employees. [Updated December 4, 2023]

    Read our Action Plan

  • No FEAR Act

    Learn how the FDIC accomplishes its responsibilities for antidiscrimination and whistleblower protection laws.

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  • Contractors’ Workforces Fair Inclusion

    Learn about the fair inclusion requirement for FDIC contractors to make good faith efforts to include minorities and women.

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