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Message from Acting Chairman Gruenberg – Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement

June 2, 2023

In the 2022 FDIC Annual Report, I stated that diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) are fundamental aspects of the FDIC’s work and recognized the role DEIA plays in the FDIC’s ability to fulfill its mission. Consistent with that message, I am pleased to reaffirm the FDIC’s commitment to equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination in the workplace and to fostering DEIA to the benefit of us all.

Discriminatory behavior is strictly prohibited at the FDIC and will not be tolerated. Antidiscrimination laws and related FDIC policies prohibit discrimination against any employee, applicant for employment, former employee, or contractor based on race, religion, color, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity/transgender status, and sexual orientation), national origin, age, genetic information, disability, status as a parent, and prior protected EEO activity (reprisal/retaliation). These laws and policies apply to all of our personnel/employment programs, management practices, decisions, business activities, and personnel operations including, but not limited to, recruitment and hiring, merit promotion, transfer, reassignments, performance appraisals, training and career development, benefits, separation, and retention efforts. The FDIC is committed to effective implementation of these laws, policies, and practices to ensure employees have the freedom to compete for opportunities equally on a fair and level playing field.

Workplace harassment or reprisal (retaliation) against anyone who engages in protected EEO activity, such as reporting discrimination or harassment or participating in the EEO process, as well as whistleblowing or the exercise of any appeal or grievance right provided by law, is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Managers and supervisors are expected to address discrimination and harassment allegations promptly and appropriately. The FDIC will correct any harassing conduct before it becomes severe or pervasive, continue to support the right of employees to exercise their rights under the civil rights statutes, and take prompt action when a FDIC employee, agent of the FDIC, or non-employee is found to have engaged in discrimination, retaliation, or harassment (including sexual harassment). For more information about the FDIC’s EEO and Anti-Harassment programs, including information on freedom from reprisal for those who engage in protected activity, please take the time to read Circular 2710.1 and Circular 2710.03. Bargaining unit employees may wish to review the grievance procedures included in the FDIC-NTEU Collective Bargaining Agreement related to equal employment opportunity.

The FDIC will continue to take proactive measures to support a diverse and inclusive workplace. We are committed to ensuring that all employees feel respected, valued, and supported because we know that our differences are what make us strong, allow us to connect with the communities we serve, and keep the Agency moving forward.

Martin J. Gruenberg