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Message from Acting Chairman Gruenberg – Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement

April 26, 2022

Once again, I am pleased to reaffirm the FDIC’s commitment to the principles of equal employment opportunity for all employees and applicants for employment, regardless of race, religion, color, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity and sexual orientation), national origin, age, genetic information, or disability. It is the FDIC’s policy to provide every individual with an equal opportunity in all our employment programs, management practices, decisions, and business activities and to prohibit discrimination in all aspects of personnel operations (including but not limited to recruitment, hiring, merit promotion, transfer, reassignment, training and career development, benefits, and separation).

I expect every FDIC employee – staff and supervisors alike – to continue our steadfast efforts to ensure that the FDIC is a model workplace and employer of choice. A core strength of the FDIC is its extraordinary staff who are dedicated to accomplishing the FDIC’s statutory mission. It is essential that we continue to cultivate a workplace culture of excellence that is inclusive and supportive of diversity, and is safe and free from hostility or harassment. We must continue to conduct ourselves with professional courtesy and advance the principles of workplace access and inclusion.

Such a workplace treats everyone with dignity and respect, embraces our differences, and allows the freedom to compete equally on a fair and level playing field. That is something we must work toward daily, and I ask all FDIC employees to assist in accomplishing this goal. I am confident that all of you will become familiar with, and adhere to, the EEO principles and I affirm our zero tolerance for prohibited, discriminatory behavior. Managers and supervisors will address discrimination and harassment allegations immediately and appropriately.

Workplace harassment, and reprisal against one who engages in protected activity, will not be tolerated. The FDIC will correct any harassing conduct before it becomes severe or pervasive, and will support employees who exercise their rights under the civil rights statutes.

For more information about the FDIC Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-Harassment programs, including information on freedom from reprisal for those who engage in protected activity, please take the time to read Circular 2710.1 and Circular 2710.03. Bargaining unit employees may wish to review the grievance procedures included in the FDIC-NTEU Collective Bargaining Agreement related to equal employment opportunity.

Martin J. Gruenberg