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FDIC Banking Issues in Focus

Last Updated: May 15, 2024

The Banking Issues in Focus provides an in-depth analysis of topical banking issues. These articles range from timely analysis of economic and banking trends at the national and regional level that may affect the risk exposure of FDIC-insured institutions to research on issues affecting the banking system and the development of regulatory policy. These articles are featured in the FDIC Quarterly.

Recent Articles:

The Effects of Population Change on Community Bank Deposits and Loans - PDF
Jared Rothman
For decades, U.S. rural county population generally declined while metropolitan county population grew robustly. The 2020 pandemic disrupted these trends, with potentially significant implications for community banks. Based on pre-pandemic data, community bank deposit growth correlated strongly with population growth. However, deposit growth kept pace with population in micropolitan counties but lagged in micropolitan and rural counties. The response of community bank loan portfolios to population growth also displayed different patterns among county types. Commercial real estate loan shares rose and residential loan shares fell, but at different rates. Commercial and industrial loan shares rose only in micropolitan counties. Agricultural loan shares rose only in metropolitan counties. If new population patterns persist, these relationships may materially affect the business models of community banks.

2023 Summary of Deposits Highlights - PDF
Michael Hoffman, Camille Keith, Joycelyn Lu and LaShawn Reed-Butler
The 2023 Summary of Deposits article evaluates deposit and office trends by bank asset size group, community and noncommunity bank designation, and county type. Responses from the 2023 Summary of Deposits survey showed deposit declines of 4.8 percent between June 2022 and June 2023, the first annual decline in nearly 30 years. Deposit declines were greatest at large banks, while community banks reported deposit growth. The survey also showed the office closure rate improved from a year earlier, and community banks opened offices in metropolitan, micropolitan, and rural counties.

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