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The FDIC has established a number of important initiatives as part of its mission to maintain stability and public confidence in the nation’s financial system. These initiatives promote greater transparency, financial inclusion, consumer protection, and investment in communities.

Trust through Transparency

The FDIC launched the Trust Through Transparency initiative to foster a deeper culture of openness and accountability that will help maintain trust in the banking system, increase participation among the public, and support stable economic growth.

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Alliance for Economic Inclusion

AEIs around the country—are local coalitions of leaders from financial institutions, community organizations, and government organizations. Each AEI that helps connect consumers with products offered by insured depository institutions. The FDIC supports 12 AEIs around the country.

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Financial Inclusion

Promoting financial inclusion is a top priority for the FDIC. Expanding access to banking services for underserved populations helps Americans achieve financial stability and build wealth.

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