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Trust through Transparency

In 2018, the FDIC announced Trust through Transparency, a new initiative to foster a deeper culture of openness in the FDIC. Building on the FDIC’s foundation of public trust and accountability, this initiative is strengthening trust between the FDIC, other regulators, the public, and banks.

Why Transparency is Essential

The FDIC is committed to transparency because it helps maintain trust in the safety and soundness of the banking system. It increases participation among the public, it leads to more stable economic growth, and it reduces conflict. By fostering a culture of transparency and accountability, we will bridge information gaps to ensure the public, investors, and analysts stay informed.

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Over the past decade, less than 20 percent of Americans said they could trust the federal government to do what is right “always” or “most of the time.”

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Studies show transparency and accountability lead to increased public participation, more stable economic growth, positive development, and less conflict.

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A study of 41 countries found that increased transparency in the budget process contributed to national fiscal balance.

What We’re Doing:

We’re Listening

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What We’re Doing:

We’re Sharing Performance Metrics

We hold ourselves to high standards, and we closely track our own performance. Now we’re committing to holding ourselves publicly accountable by sharing quantifiable metrics, including application turnaround and assistance response turnaround times.

What We’re Doing:

We’re Explaining How We Work

Along with reporting on our performance, we’re sharing how we fulfil our mission at the FDIC. We’re shining a light on FDIC policies, procedures, and processes, including how case managers and examiners implement the risk-focused supervision program.

What We’re Doing:

We’re Providing Greater Access to Data

We feel it’s important to share relevant data when feasible. That’s why we’re reevaluating the appropriate balance between protecting confidential information and providing data public access. As we make these determinations, we’ll make additional data available.

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