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Strategic Plans

CIO Organization Strategic Plan 2020-2023: Theme: Strategic Focus

Last Updated: April 27, 2021

Theme: Strategic Focus

Each Strategic Objective directly addresses a single Perspective. Pairs of Strategic Objectives and Perspectives work together to support one or more Strategic Themes. On this page, see how the Strategic Objectives (bold) and Perspectives work together to support the Strategic Theme of Strategic Focus.

Theme Description

Strategic Focus: We continuously refine and execute on a clear, comprehensive, multi-year plan. This results in a modern, cost-effective, and agile IT environment that fosters business innovation, efficiency, and decision-making.

Customer Perspective icon Customer Perspective

Strengthened partnerships help business clients understand the CIOO’s strategic plan and roadmap. Insight into the CIOO’s priorities enhances two-way communication and improves customer satisfaction with the CIOO.

Financial Stewardship Perspective icon Financial Stewardship Perspective

CIOO budget and strategy are aligned. Costs are published and transparent, and operations and service budgets reflect the CIOO’s strategic priorities. IT investments and initiatives are selected for funding and execution based on strategic roadmaps.

Internal Process Perspective icon Internal Process Perspective

Service delivery is improved as services and contracts better align with overarching CIOO strategy. A clear strategy also improves governance, resulting in timely, well-informed decisions.

People Tools and Technology Perspective icon icon People, Tools, and Technology Perspective

Clear strategic priorities allow the CIOO to align and improve knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet its future needs; key positions are filled in a timely manner, decision authority is delegated to the lowest appropriate level, and staff are given the training and resources to align their skills with CIOO priorities.

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