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Strategic Plans

CIO Organization Strategic Plan 2020-2023: Theme: Effective Communication

Last Updated: April 27, 2021

Theme: Effective Communication

Each Strategic Objective directly addresses a single Perspective. Pairs of Strategic Objectives and Perspectives work together to support one or more Strategic Themes. On this page, see how the Strategic Objectives (bold) and Perspectives work together to support the Strategic Theme of Effective Communication.

Theme Description

Effective Communication: We promote transparency by sharing timely, relevant information that is integrated into daily operations. This enables sound decision-making, optimizes collaboration, and ensures operational excellence.

Customer Perspective icon Customer Perspective

The CIOO shares accurate and timely data about changes to people, process, and technologies with internal and external business customers. Business customers understand the strategic plan and roadmap of the CIOO, and the CIOO’s priorities reflect those of its customers. This improved communication is reciprocated, as the CIOO actively encourages stakeholders to openly exchange information and provide feedback. Leadership and employees are actively consulted about changes to the IT environment, fostering strengthened partnerships between the CIOO and its business customers. Strong partnerships and a commitment to two-way communication about strategic priorities, systems, and services leads to improved customer satisfaction.

Financial Stewardship Perspective icon Financial Stewardship Perspective

Technologies and systems are well-utilized, and duplicative software is retired. Effective communication within the CIOO reduces costs associated with the redundant purchases of goods and services across the organization. Systems, networks, and governance structures are simplified to support effective project deployment, and improving our budget and strategy alignment ensures resources are allocated to the most strategic initiatives.

Internal Process Perspective icon Internal Process Perspective

The CIOO improves delivery of services by developing and releasing new, innovative products and services in a timely manner. Decisions are made at the lowest appropriate level, and are well-informed. Improved governance encourages defined objectives for new and legacy IT investments and initiatives.

People Tools and Technology Perspective icon icon People, Tools, and Technology Perspective

The CIOO improves the knowledge, skills, and abilities of its staff to meet the FDIC’s needs; the Organization provides training opportunities and encourages staff to complete a Career Development Plan to further their professional growth while minimizing skill gaps. Clear standard operating procedures help to transition technical and organization knowledge within the CIOO.

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