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Strategic Plans

CIO Organization Strategic Plan 2020-2023: Introduction

Last Updated: April 27, 2021



This plan is the product of a collaborative effort between the CIOO and our business stakeholders who contributed their insight and knowledge of Information Technology (IT) challenges, needs, and opportunities.

CIOO Vision

We value each other, have a healthy culture, and are the most respected and trusted information and technology organization within the Federal Government. We achieve this in collaboration with our partners to provide secure, reliable, and resilient capabilities that deliver business value.

CIOO Values

Our values represent guideposts for how we interact and function at work. They are not meant to replace the FDIC values but rather provide additional guidelines for how to conduct work to meet our objectives and realize our CIOO Vision.


  • Communicate respectfully, collaboratively, and effectively with one another and our business partners
  • Foster a participatory, collegial, open-minded, and diverse environment
  • Mutually support each other to achieve goals and deliver results

Prefessional Responsibility

  • Maintain professional knowledge in our subject matter areas
  • Proactively advance our skills and practices with a continuous learning mindset
  • We are reliable, accountable, and embrace compromise while operating in a financially responsible and effective manner
  • Take measured risks in the best interest of the FDIC and recognize failure is a learning opportunity


  • Embrace diversity of thought, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives
  • Create an environment of inclusion where individuals feel valued and have opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive
  • Exhibit empathy, respect, and humility
  • Demonstrate the ability to apologize or recognize when you are wrong


  • Respond to change, adapt to new circumstances, and accommodate environmental conditions
  • Recognize that ideas can come from anywhere, be open-minded, acknowledge when others are more skilled than you in certain areas, and embrace collaboration
  • Work well with diverse groups and uphold a mindset that seek opportunity and problem solving


  • Deliver solutions efficiently and effectively within budget
  • Strive towards mastery in your craft - products must be accurate and developed with devotion to detail
  • Gain clarity on what the needs are and establish plans so we can fulfill the requests effectively
  • Capture, share, and leverage lessons learned


  • Act with integrity
  • Share your truth – be candid and offer your perspective even in difficult situations
  • Provide and accept feedback as an opportunity to improve
  • Adhere to ethical and professional standards

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