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Strategic Plans

CIO Organization Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Last Updated: April 27, 2021

It is my pleasure to share with you an update to the Chief Information Officer Organization (CIOO) Strategic Plan for 2020-2023. This updated plan presents our current information technology (IT) priorities, and emphasizes our commitment to aligning budget with strategy, delivering high-quality products and services, and being a capable, trustworthy, transparent partner with our business stakeholders.

Over the next three years, we will continue to focus on modernizing our IT systems and practices, as well as improving our culture and transforming CIOO into a high-performing team. We will transition our operations to a more agile, user-centered, DevSecOps model; formalize IT policy and governance processes; and align our IT investments with business strategy to ensure we deliver value for the Corporation.

I recently shared our new CIOO Vision and Values statements to guide our interactions at work. I firmly believe that the better we are at embracing diversity, communicating respectfully, and acting with integrity, the more successful we will be in providing secure, reliable, and resilient capabilities that deliver business value.

In developing this Strategic Plan, we followed the balanced scorecard methodology, which creates explicit linkages between strategy and our day-to-day activities. Understanding the cause and effect relationship between perspectives puts our strategy into context so we understand how CIOO must work together to create value. We have streamlined our strategy onto one page to make it easier to talk about our strategy and progress to realizing it.

I am honored to be your CIO, and my promise to the Corporation continues to be to listen to your needs, deliver IT services and solutions with excellence, and work with our business partners to find solutions that are forward-looking, operationally efficient, and effective in serving the important mission of the FDIC.

Sylvia Burns
Chief Information Officer and Chief Privacy Officer, and
Director of the Division of Information Technology

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