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Comment on Financial Reform Implementation

September 18, 2010

I work for an appraisal management company they have reduced are fees to the point of not making a living. They are taking over 60% of the fee for assigning hate job to me. The government has created a monopoly and the manage companies love it. The appraiser should be receiving over 85% of the fee since we have to maintain a car, insurance, on line services. Please break this unfair practice. I have been appraising for over 22 years and not I am looking at getting out of the business.. Most of the better appraisers are trying to get work else where or avoid the management companies. The government has created an unfair monopoly which is effecting the quality of appraisals. Try to imagine you go to work every day and someone takes 60% of your salary just for the right of handing you a JOB in which you complete.

Mark A. Adams

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