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Transparency & Accountability: Message from the Chairman - Trust through Transparency

Message from the Chairman - Trust through Transparency

Jelena  McWilliams the 21st Chairman of the FDIC

The longstanding mission of the FDIC is to maintain public confidence and stability in the U.S. financial system—a mission that we cannot achieve without the trust and confidence of the institutions we supervise and insure, our fellow regulators, and the public. The best way to build trust and confidence is through openness and accountability. To that end, I am pleased to announce the FDIC’s 'Trust through Transparency' initiative.

This initiative builds upon the FDIC’s solid foundation of public trust and accountability by fostering a deeper culture of openness. This initiative will further unite each business area across the FDIC behind the goals of being accessible, understandable, and responsive.

A key feature of the Trust through Transparency initiative is the publication of performance metrics, such as turnaround times for examinations and bank charter applications, call center usage and response times, and data on the status of supervisory and assessment appeals.  The links below provide more information about these initiatives in each of our major business areas.

Over time, the FDIC will become even more transparent by providing increased access to data that are accessible to anyone, anytime, and anywhere; that are understandable to most audiences; and that are responsive to new ideas and demands.

As we have in the past, the FDIC will continue to provide information and resources to promote better understanding of the way we do business. We will also continue to make available online our Annual ReportStrategic Plan, and financial reports, as well as information about our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion

I believe that the Trust through Transparency initiative will strengthen the trust among consumers, financial institutions, and the FDIC while best positioning the FDIC to fulfill its important mission. I welcome your feedback at

Jelena McWilliams

Visit the following Transparency & Accountability webpages:


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