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Organization Directory - Headquarters

Last Updated: January 30, 2023

Organization Directory - Regional Offices

Key to Headquarters Buildings and Addresses

Building Address
F 1776 F Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006
MB 550 17th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20429
VS Virginia Square, L. William Seidman Center - 3501 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22226
3701 3701 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22203

FDIC Call Center

Need Help?
The FDIC Call Center will direct your call.
Toll-free numbers
877-ASKFDIC (877-275-3342)
TDD: 800-925-4618
Hours of operation
8:00 am - 8:00 pm ET
Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm ET
Saturday-Sunday (temporary hours)
Division / Office

Chairman Martin J. Gruenberg MB-6028
Executive Assistant to the Chairman Diane Armstrong 6028A
Deputy to the Chairman and Chief of Staff Kymberly K. Copa MB-6024
Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff Paula D. Gueory MB-6024A
Deputy to the Chairman and Chief Operating Officer Daniel H. Bendler
Deputy to the Chairman for External Affairs Nikita Pearson MB-6046
Special Advisor to the Deputy to the Chairman for External Affairs Jamie Z. Goodson
Executive Assistant to Deputies to Chairman Alicia Jenkins MB-6035A
Deputy to the Chairman for Financial Stability Arthur J. Murton MB-6034
Deputy to the Chairman for Policy Vacant
Administrative Assistant Vacant
Internal Ombudsman Robert D. Harris MB-7112
Chief Innovation Officer Brian Whittaker
Chief Information Officer and Chief Privacy Officer Sylvia Burns VS-A-7052
Ombudsman Assistant Benita Swann MB-7110
Vice Chairman Travis Hill MB-6000
Administrative Assistant to the Vice Chairman Vacant
Director Jonathan McKernan MB-6098
Administrative Assistant to the Director Vacant
Deputy to the Director (Acting) Vacant
Director (OCC), (Acting) Michael J. Hsu
Deputy to the Director Steven Key MB-6118
Director (CFPB) Rohit Chopra
Deputy Chief of Staff (CFPB) Jocelyn Sutton MB-6115

Deputy to the Chairman and Chief Financial Officer Bret D. Edwards MB-6130
Administrative Officer Teresa Belew  VS-E-4052
Senior Advisor Elaine Stankiewicz MB-6128
Special Advisor Chris E. Aiello MB-6052
Special Assistant Thomas Bonnette MB-6126

Chief Information Officer and Chief Privacy Officer Sylvia Burns VS-A-7052
Deputy Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer (Acting) Sanjeev Purohit VS-B-7301
Deputy Chief Information Officer for Management Mark Mulholland VS-B-5059
Executive Assistant Curtia Palmer MB-6123
Office of the Chief Information Security Officer
Chief Information Security Officer and Director of OCISO Zachary N. Brown VS-A-7052
Deputy Director, Office of the Chief Information Security Officer Rami Dillon VS-A-5020
Privacy Program Section, Chief Shannon Dahn VS-B-5026
Enterprise Security Center Section, Chief Roderick Toms VS-A-4028
Cyber Assurance Services Section (Acting) Ramesh Balasubramanian VS-B-5002
Cyber Risk Management Section, Chief Arthi Appullingam VS-B-5014
Mission Integration Section, Chief Mishta Brooks VS-A-4040

Director Sylvia Burns VS-A-7074
Chief Data Officer Geoffrey Nieboer VS-A-6108
Office of the Deputy CIO (Technology)
Deputy Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer (Acting) Sanjeev Purohit VS-B-7301
Deputy CIO for Management Mark Mulholland VS-B-5059
Deputy Director Brian Whittaker MB-4082
Enterprise Strategy Branch
Deputy Director Stacie Alboum VS-B-5064
Architecture and Design Section, Chief Elanchezhian Sivagnanam VS-A-5063
Strategy, Performance and Governance Section, Chief (Acting) Teresa Daniell VS-A-6084
CIO Project Management Office, Chief Amy Heydman 3701-05022
Application Platforms and Delivery Branch
Deputy Director Jyotsna Jame 3701-05040
Program Assistant Vacant  
Business Intelligence Services Center, Chief Bryan Lane 3701-05072
Platform Services Section, Chief Prince Simon 3701-05068
Delivery Automation and User Experience Section, Chief Jimmy Mehra 3701-04068
Receivership and Resolution Services Section, Chief Dennis Noonan 3701-05056
Corporate Business Applications Section, Chief Sarah Eckert 3701-04038
Supervision and Insurance Services Section, Chief (Acting) Valerie Sandy  VS-B-7213
Infrastructure Operations Services Branch
Deputy Director (Acting) Hung Dinh VS-A-4062
Program Assistant Tori Strother VS-A-7006a
Infrastructure Operations Management Section Assistant Director (Acting) John Irizarry RO-ATL-857
Core Infrastructure Services Section, Assistant Director John Irizarry RO-ATL-857
End User Computing Section, Chief Sonia Yadav VS-A-4054
Customer Technology Services Section, Assistant Director Cheri Sims Dallas
Office of the Deputy CIO for Management
Deputy Chief Information Officer Mark Mulholland VS-B-5059
Financial Management Program Section, Chief Stevie Moore VS-A-6048
Policy, Audits, Compliance and Risk Section Chief (Acting) Kevin Dupuis VS-A-6066
Management Services, Chief Helen Springirth VS-A-7056
CIO Acquisition Strategy and Innovation Branch
Deputy Director Eric Cho VS-A-7090
Commodity Strategy & Innovation Section, Chief William Warburton VS-A-6008
Enterprise Contract Management Section, Chief John Inman VS-A-7090

Director Daniel H. Bendler
Acquisition Services Branch
Deputy Director Shanna Webbers VS-E-4020
Assistant Director, FDITech and IT Professional Services Section Bijan Mansoury VS-E-4112
Assistant Director, Corporate Operations and Supervision Section Jennifer Schoen VS-E-4004
Assistant Director, Dallas Administration, Research, Resolutions and Receiverships Marcela Almeida VS-E-4120
Assistant Director, IT Infrastructure and Security Section Marcelle Brown VS-E-4118
Assistant Director, Policy and Systems Section Julie Rothermel VS-E-4018
Corporate Services Branch
Deputy Director Brian Yellin VS-E-3068
Assistant Director, Support Services Section Kevin Acotto VS-E-3044
Chief, Mail and Supply Unit Eric R. Aiken VS-P1-1096
Lead, Transportation Group Julie DeFrain VS-E-4008
Chief, Special Events and Hospitality Unit Mona Thomas VS-A-3021
Assistant Director, Enterprise Information and Records Management Section (Acting) Deborah Allen VS-E-3042
Chief, Records and Management Unit (Acting) Theresa Curtis VS-E-3048
Chief, Library Services Unit Richard Huffine MB-4068
Chief, Information Services Unit RaMeicha Cook VS-E-1016
Assistant Director, Facilities Operations Section Leon King VS-E-3068
Acting Chief, VASQ Operations Unit Nicolle Clinton VS-D-4107
Lead, DC Operations Timothy Eller MB-7116
Chief, Space Planning, Design, and Construction Unit Gwenn E. Marley VS-E-3082
Assistant Director, Security Enterprise Programs Section S. Todd Hamme VS-E-3102
Chief, Physical Security Unit Richard Zerillo  VS-D-1030
Chief, Personnel Security Unit DJ Miller VS-E-3112
Supervisor, Personnel Security Group Lisa Bailey-Grove VS-E-3110
Chief, Intelligence and Threat Sharing Unit Stephanie Andrews MB-3151
Human Resources Branch
Chief Human Capital Officer and Deputy Director Jeff Rosenblum VS-D-6134
Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer Sian Fisher VS-D-3028
Assistant Director, Labor and Employee Relations Lisa Gilmore VS-D-2014
Chief, HQ Labor & Employee Relations Brad Dixon VS-D-2010
Chief, Regional Labor & Employee Relations Joe Arellano RO-CHI-1521
Assistant Director, Benefits Center Valerie Waller VS-A-1046
Benefits Program Administration, Supervisory Benefits Specialist Carol Martin VS-B-6058
Benefits Operations, Supervisory Benefits Specialist Ashley Elder VS-A-1050
Supervisory Benefits Specialist Donna Daley VS-A-1040
Supervisory Benefits Specialist Shevonne Pack VS-A-1038
Assistant Director, HR Service Center Cindy Westray VS-D-2018
Chief, Headquarters HR Classification Operations Paula Molloy VS-D-3124
Chief, Executive Services and Special Programs JD Okorie-Dunn VS-D-3028
Staffing Policy, Corporate Recruitment and CEP Operations, Supervisory HR Specialist Alyssa Asonye VS-E-3026
Corporate Recruitment, Supervisory HR Specialist Pamela McNeil VS-E-3030
Assistant Director, Human Capital Operations Carrie Quick RO-DAL-36056
Acting Chief, Headquarters HR Staffing Operations Mindy Singh VS-D-
Staffing Operations, Supervisory Human Resources Specialist Arlene Palmer VS-D-3002
Staffing Operations, Supervisory Human Resources Specialist Shelly Adams VS-D-3130
Human Resources Officer, Atlanta Human Resources Unit Pinkie Harrod RO-ATL-863
Human Resources Officer, Chicago Human Resources Unit (Acting) Becky Baker-Bennet RO-DAL
Human Resources Officer, Dallas Human Resources Unit Becky Baker-Bennet RO-DAL
Human Resources Officer, Kansas City Human Resources Unit William Carey RO-KCM-2354
Acting Human Resources Officer, New York Human Resources Unit Daniela Giannini RO-NYC
Human Resources Officer, San Francisco Human Resources Unit Laura Doughetry 25 Jessie Street-1232
Assistant Director, Performance, Compensation and Systems Section Nancy Green 3701-02014
Chief, Performance, Compensation and Human Capital Unit Martha (Marti) Tracy 3701-02002
Chief, Planning and Analysis Group Claire Lam 3701-02018
HR Information Management and Payroll, Supervisory HR Specialist (Info. Systems) Alvin "Chip" Black VS-D-3028
Supervisory HR Specialist, Payroll and Personnel Services Tia Murphy VS-D-3068
Operations and Regional Coordination Branch
Deputy Director, Operations and Regional Coordination Branch Steve Beard VS-E-4040
Assistant Director, Business Information Systems and Solutions Jingxiao Feng VS-E-4042
Chief, Technology and Innovation Group Janis Villadiego VS-E-4044
Assistant Director, Crisis Readiness and Response Group Adam Killian VS-E-4054
Chief, Internal Review and Business Support Group Kevin Stutts VS-E-4040

Director John P. Conneely F-3080
Senior Deputy Director James (Jim) McGraw
Senior Advisor to the Director, Policy Vacant
Senior Advisor to the Director, Governance and International Policy Joanne Fungaroli F-3000
Senior Advisor, Title 1 Resolution Plan Robert Connors F-3066
Operations Branch
Deputy Director Krista Hughes F-3086
Institution Risk Branch
Deputy Director Alfred Seivold SF-2004
Acting Associate Director, Institution Risk B Kathy Aguiar  
Associate Director, Institution Risk A Dilip Patro  
Corporate Expert Vacant
Resolution Readiness Branch
Deputy Director Ryan Tetrick F-5082
Senior Resolution Readiness Advisor Betsy Falloon F-5004
Associate Director, Strategic Planning Kent Bergey RO-NYC-11032
Associate Director, Operational Readiness David (Dave) Kiddney 3701-09060
Acting Associate Director, Receivership Management Peter Miller  
Systemic Risk Branch
Deputy Director Andrew Felton  
Associate Director, Policy Jenny Traille  
Associate Director, Data Analytics Yan Zhou  
Associate Director, Horizontal Risk Brenda Bruno CFO-340
Corporate Expert Susan Baker F-3010

Director Mark Pearce F-8000
National Director for MDI & Community Development Banking Betty Rudolph 550-5050
Administrative Management and Operations
Deputy Director Wayne Evans F-8032
Special Assistant (Acting) Chante Wilson  
Chief, Information Security and Technology Systems Cristal Perpignan  F-5054
Chief, Administrative Management Services Darrell Jackson F-8028
Chief, Internal Control and Review Lorraine Rushing F-7048
Program Manager, FOCUS Murali Ramassamy 3701-2046
National Knowledge Management Coordinator Team Lead Rhonda Crenshaw F-8018
Compliance and CRA Examinations and Enforcement
Senior Deputy Director (Acting) Chris G. Finnegan F-8014
Special Assistant (Acting) David Evans F-8010
Atlanta Office, Regional Director (Acting) John Vogel Atlanta
Atlanta Office, Deputy Regional Director Phyllis Patton Atlanta
Dallas/Memphis Office, Regional Director Kristie Elmquist Dallas
Dallas/Memphis Office, Deputy Regional Director Julie Banfield Dallas
Chicago Office, Regional Director Gregory Bottone Chicago
Chicago Office, Deputy Regional Director Teresa Sabanty Chicago
Kansas City Office, Regional Director Jim LaPierre Kansas City
Kansas City Office, Deputy Regional Director Marianne Hartman Kansas City
New York Office/Boston Area Office, Regional Director Frank Hughes New York
New York Office/Boston Area Office, Deputy Regional Director Scott Strockoz New York
San Francisco Office, Regional Director Kathy Moe San Francisco
Deputy Regional Director Janet Kincaid San Francisco
Compliance and CRA Examinations Branch, Associate Director Tara Oxley F-8076
Fair Lending and CRA Examinations, Chief John Penkala F-8066
Consumer Compliance and UDAP Examinations, Chief Stacy Meisel F-8080
Consumer Protection and Community Affairs
Deputy Director Elizabeth Ortiz F-6012
Special Assistant (Acting) Montrice Yakimov F-6010
Community Affairs Branch, Associate Director Emerson Hall F-6006
Outreach and Program Development Section, Chief (Acting) Kenneth Worthey F-6046
Community Affairs Section, Chief Lekeshia Frasure F-6024
Strategic Partnership Program Development, Chief Camron Doss F-6040
Consumer Affairs Section, Chief Peggi Gill F-6054
National Center for Consumer & Depositor Assistance, Chief Stefano LeGrande Kansas City
Policy and Research
Deputy Director Jonathan Miller F-7067
Special Assistant David Sharp F-7081
Supervisory Policy Branch, Associate Director Luke Brown F-7058
Supervisory Policy Section 1, Chief (Acting) Vacant  F-7052
Supervisory Policy Section 2, Chief Paul Robin F-7070
Consumer Research and Examination Analytics Branch, Associate Director Keith Ernst F-7028
Chief, Policy and Community Analytics Li Wei F-7010
Chief, Consumer Research Lee Yan F-7014
Chief, Examination Analytics Stephen Popick F-7004

Director, Division of Finance Donna Saulnier VS-D-4088
Administrative Staff, Manager Richard Sousane VS-D-4090
Financial Operations
Deputy Director Thompson Sawyer VS-D-4128
Special Assistant A. Renee Clyburn VS-D-4132
Disbursement Operations Section, Manager Andre Robinson VS-D-4020
Receipts, Receivables, and Vendor Maintenance Section, Manager DaMita R. Hameen VS-D-4036
Travel Services Section, Manager Stephen O'Neill VS-D-4028
Deputy Director Jithu Kamuni VS-E-5082
Operations Section, Manager Abirami Shanmugam VS-E-5088
Assessment Compliance Section, Manager Jason Diedrich VS-E-5098
Deputy Director Mary E. Peterman VS-D-5118
Special Assistant Barbara Glasby VS-D-5126
Corporate Accounting and Reporting Manager Samuel Forkkio VS-D-5082
Resolution Valuation and Analysis Section, Manager Robert Ferrer VS-D-5002
Accounting Operations Section, Manager Cynthia Vandament VS-D5016
Financial Reporting and Analysis Section, Manager Paul Covas VS-D-5038
Assistant Director, Financial Systems Laurel Parham VS-D-5036
Accounting and Tax Policy Section, Manager Vanessa Hester VS-D-5080
Corporate Planning and Performance Management
Deputy Director Thomas E. Peddicord III VS-E-5018
Program Assistant Paula A. Schulz VS-E-5013A
Assistant Director Robert C. Nolan VS-E-5016
Program Analysis and Reporting Section, Manager Victoria Voytko VS-E-5004
Information Management and Reporting Section, Manager Alison Fried VS-E-5114

Director Patrick Mitchell MB-4026
Senior Advisor George French MB-2048
Special Assistant Eboni Oliver MB-4042
Data and Resource Management
Data and Resource Management, Deputy Director Alan Deaton MB-4024
Planning and Resource Management Branch, Assistant Director Archana Snyder MB-4014
Administrative Program Management Section, Chief Adam Bovenzi MB-4016
Strategic Planning and Internal Controls Section, Chief Arlinda Sothoron MB-4032
Publications and IT Operations Section, Chief Neeta Allagh MB-4020
Data Applications Section, Chief Jennifer Martinez 3701-6038
Data, Analytics and Statistics Branch, Associate Director (Acting) Vacant
Data Strategy Section, Chief Chad Boggan 3701-6082
Data Collection and Analysis Section, Chief (Acting) Kete Iluyomade 3701-6086
Large Data Management Section, Chief Troy Peery 3701-6022
Research and Regulatory Analysis
Research and Regulatory Analysis, Deputy Director Philip Shively MB-2000
Center for Financial Research, CFR Executive Program Director Rosalind Bennett MB-2136
Center for Financial Research, Senior Economic Researcher Jonathan Pogach MB-2042
Banking Research Section, Chief Karyen Chu MB-2124
Special Studies Section, Chief Smith Williams MB-2030
Quantitative Risk Analysis Section, Chief Alexander Ufier MB-2116
Financial Modeling and Research Section, Chief Roni Kisin MB-2042
Regulatory Analysis Section, Chief Ryan Singer MB-2034
Deposit Insurance and Risk Analysis
Deposit Insurance and Risk Analysis, Deputy Director Shayna Olesiuk MB-4036
International Affairs Branch, Associate Director Anthony Sinopole MB-2102
International Deposit Insurance Policy and Support Section, Chief Ed Garnett MB-2104
Protocol Officer Vacant
Financial Risk Management Branch, Associate Director (Acting) Scott Ciardi MB-4002
Large Bank Pricing Section, Chief Scott Ciardi MB-4002
Fund Analysis and Pricing Section, Chief Daniel Hoople MB-4012
Banking and Regulatory Policy Section, Chief Ashley Mihalik MB-4022
National and Regional Risk Analysis, Associate Director (Acting) Michael Spencer MB-4130
Region I, Assistant Director Kathy Kalser *
Region II, Assistant Director John Anderlink N/A
Financial Analysis Section, Chief Margaret Hanrahan MB-2046
Economic Analysis Section, Chief Krishna Patel MB-2038
* Physically located in the New York Regional Office, 350 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10118-0110
** Physically located in the Kansas City Regional Office, 1100 Walnut Street, Suite 2100, Kansas City, MO 64106

Director Maureen Sweeney 3701
Special Assistant Kevin Taylor 3701
Internal Review, Assistant Director David Tedesco 3701
Planning and Resource Management, Assistant Director Brian Johnson 3701
Strategic Planning and Financial Management, Manager (Acting) Lisa Williams 3701
Resource Management and Training, Manager Sharon Robbins 3701
Resolution Strategy Branch
Deputy Director (Acting) Audra Cast Chicago
Resolution Strategy, Assistant Director Nathan Sis Dallas
Franchise Analysis, Manager Stephen Crawford Dallas
Franchise Marketing Unit A, Manager Carmen Brown Dallas
Franchise Marketing Unit B, Manager (Acting) VACANT
Monitoring and Risk Analysis, Assistant Director (Acting) Randy Thornhill Dallas
Regional Manager, Atlanta Philip Holt Atlanta
Regional Manager, Chicago Thomas Gallagher Chicago
Regional Manager, New York Derek Johnson New York
Regional Manager, Dallas (Acting) John Tammaro Dallas
Regional Manager, Kansas City Julie Cross Kansas City
Regional Manager, San Francisco Bryan Wampler San Francisco
Settlements, Manager Marilil Reeves Dallas
Asset Marketing and Management Branch
Deputy Director Asset Marketing & Management Shawn Khani 3701
Asset Marketing, Manager Linda Saville Dallas
ORE/OA/Oil and Gas Management and Marketing, Manager Graham Howitt Dallas
Asset Management Policy and Oversight, Manager Ed Metric Dallas
Asset Management Credit Operations James McBride (Acting) Dallas
Asset Management, Assistant Director Alex Greenberg Dallas
Risk Share Asset Management Policy, Manager Mark Patterson 3701
Risk Sharing Asset Management, Manager Alale Allal and Kathleen Armentrout Dallas
Capital Markets and Resolutions, Manager (Acting) Deron Charkoudian 3701
Financial Services and Technology Branch
Deputy Director James Anderson 3701
Receivership Accounting, Assistant Director Daniel Lorber Dallas
Accounting Operations Section, Manager Sharon Kelley Dallas
Settlements, Manager Marilil Reeves Dallas
Cash Management Section, Manager (Acting) Doreen Bedwell Dallas
Tax Section, Manager Richard Arrindell (Acting) Dallas
Closing Operations, Assistant Director Catherine Linhart Dallas
Resolution Accounting Section, Manager Wayne Joseph Dallas
Resolution Data Management Section A, Manager (Acting) Richard Rohlin Dallas
Resolution Data Management Section B, Manager (Acting) Michael Merriweather Dallas
360.9 Section, Manager VACANT 3701
Business Intelligence Section, Manager Emily Reames (Acting) Dallas
Information Security Section, Manager Edward Collins 3701
Business Driven Development Section, Manager Leslie Bowie 3701
Receiverships Operations Branch
Deputy Director (Acting) Andrew Stirling Dallas
Customer Service and Investigations, Assistant Director Tyler Cavaness Dallas
Investigations Section A, Manager Dan Gutierrez Dallas
Investigations Section B, Manager Randy Thornhill Dallas
Customer Service and Records Research A, Manager Patricia Deaton Dallas
Customer Service and Records Research B, Manager Frank Montanez Dallas
Contract Oversight and Receivership Oversight, Assistant Director William Starnes (Acting) Dallas
Contract Oversight Section A, Manager Sherri Brokaw Dallas
Contract Oversight Section B, Manager Zackary Anderson Dallas
Receivership Oversight, Manager William Starnes Dallas
Claims and Strategic Operations, Assistant Director Dominique Gloster (Acting) Dallas
Claims Section A, Manager Dominique Gloster Dallas
Claims Section B, Manager Debra Foster Dallas
Claims Section C, Manager Cathy Davis Dallas
Strategic Operations Section (Acting) Erica Tholmer Dallas
* Physically located in the New York Regional Office, 350 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10118-0110
** Physically located in the Kansas City Regional Office, 1100 Walnut Street, Suite 2100, Kansas City, MO 64106

Director Doreen Eberley MB-5036
Assistant to the Director, Acting Carlos Rodriguez MB-5020
Secretary to the Director Leslie Peck MB-5031C
Office of Minority & Community Development Banking, Director Betty Rudolph MB-5050
Supervision & Policy
Senior Deputy Director Rae-Ann Miller MB-5098
Risk Management Examinations Branch, Associate Director Patricia Colohan F-4076
Risk Management Section I, Chief Larisa Collado F-4054
Risk Management Section II, Chief (Acting) Sandra Macias
Risk Insights & Analytics Section, Chief Camille Schmidt F-4012
Policy & Program Development I Section, Chief (Acting) Sumaya Muraywid MB-5102
Policy & Program Development II Section, Chief George Parkerson F-4080
Large Bank Supervision Branch I, Associate Director Pete Hirsch MB-5084
Exam Support Section I, Chief Louis Bervid III MB-5112
Exam Support Section II, Chief Christine Rivera MB-5094
Exam Support Section III, Chief Ryan Sheller *
Horizontal Risk Management Section, Chief Alisha Riemenschneider **
Capital Markets & Accounting Policy
Deputy Director Bobby Bean MB-5040
Accounting and Securities Disclosure Section, Chief Vacant
Capital Policy Section, Chief Benedetto Bosco 3701-07040
Examination Support Section, Chief Suzanne Clair 3701-07022
Capital Markets Strategies, Chief Brian Cox 3701-07008
Deputy Director John Vogel MB-5032
Operations and Special Projects, Associate Director Lisa Roy MB-5028
Training Section, Chief Andrea Davis ***
Communications Section, Chief Katrice Yokley MB-5004
Internal Control and Review Section, Assistant Director Benjamin Vaughn MB-5000
Technology Services Branch, Associate Director Anthony Perry F-4010
Business Analysis and Decision Support Section, Chief Toni Wong F-4006
Strategic Planning and Resource Management, Chief Sherry Baker MB-5134
IT Security and Support, Chief Jennifer Cortina 3701-7038
Operational Risk
Deputy Director Martin Henning MB-5098
IT Supervision Branch, Associate Director William Henley, Jr. 3701-04098
Information Technology Policy Section, Chief Vacant
IT Supervision Section, Chief Donald Saxinger 3701-04096
Anti-Money Laundering and Cyber Fraud Branch, Associate Director Lisa Arquette 3701-10026
Cyber Fraud and Financial Crimes Section, Chief Michael Benardo 3701-10034
Anti-Money Laundering Section, Chief Debra Novak 3701-07062
* Physically located at 1601 NW Express Way, Oklahoma City, OK 73118
** Physically located at 4280 Sergeant Road, Sioux City, IA 51106
*** Physically located at 1532 Eureka Road, Suite 150, Roseville, CA 95661

Office of the General Counsel
General Counsel Harrel M. Pettway VS-E-7110
Executive Assistant Gina Stuart MB-6060
Special Assistant Mark Black MB-3052
Senior Special Assistant Andrew Karp
Financial Technology and Innovation, Assistant General Counsel Chris Ledoux F-2042
Office of the Executive Secretary Debra Decker F-1058
Ethics and Alternative Dispute Resolution Unit Ami Richardson VS-D-8028
Resolution and Receivership Branch
Deputy General Counsel (Acting) David Wall MB-3050
Program Assistant Danette Gross F-2071a
Complex Financial Institutions Section, Assistant General Counsel David N. Wall F-2076
Receivership Section, Assistant General Counsel R. Penfield Starke F-2056
Supervision, Legislation & Enforcement Branch
Deputy General Counsel James Anderson MB-3044
Legislation, Regulations, and Policy, Assistant General Counsel Ruth Amberg MB-3134
Enforcement Section, Assistant General Counsel Seth Rosebrock MB-3024
Bank Activities & Regional Affairs Section, Assistant General Counsel Ashby Hilsman MB-3030
Corporate Operations Branch
Deputy General Counsel Scott Christensen MB-3042
Program Assistant Debra Coneys MB-3035b
Labor, Employment and Administration Section, Assistant General Counsel Eric Gold VS-D-6126
Administration Unit Susan Marone VS-D-6088
Corporate and Legal Operations Section, Assistant General Counsel Matthew Kepniss VS-D-8074
Strategic Planning and Operations Group, Senior Counsel Andrea Toliver VS-D-8074
Litigation Branch
Deputy General Counsel Floyd I. Robinson VS-D-7138
Special Assistant Dominic Arni VS-D-7078
Program Analyst Kayla Anderson VS-D-7142
Professional Liability and Financial Crimes Section, Assistant General Counsel Melanie Coates VS-E-7138
General Litigation Section, Assistant General Counsel B. Amon James VS-D-7090
Dallas Regional Office, Regional Counsel Victoria Dancy RO-DAL-15002

Director Amy C. Thompson MB-7090
Deputy Director David Barr MB-7084
Chief, Graphic Design and Printing Section Lea Holcer VS-B-6022
Supervisory Visual Information Specialist, Gold Team Heather Woods VS-B-6002
Supervisory Visual Information Specialist, Navy Team Shahrzad Ghabaean VS-B-6018
Administrative Officer Teresa Belew VS-E-4052

Director Andy Jiminez MB-6076
Deputy Director Chris Jorgenson MB-6082
Legislative Attorneys/Advisors
Legislative Advisor Meredith Manna MB-6070
Legislative Attorney/Advisor Ike Jones MB-6078
Legislative Advisor Steve Primrose MB-6064
Legislative Advisor Kelly Whitney MB-6072
Correspondence and Records Management
Congressional Information Specialist Vicki Wyatt MB-6082
Correspondence Specialist Vacant
Information Support
Legislative Information Assistant Fay Napper MB-6073B
Information Assistant Ternisha Littlejohn MB-6073A

Director Nikita Pearson VS-E-2104
Senior Deputy Director Brian Guy VS-E-2010
Senior Special Advisor Isaac Hernandez                         
Special Advisor Vacant                          
National Financial Institution Diversity Strategy
Deputy Director Zunera Mazhar MB-4084
Affirmative Employment, Diversity and Inclusion Branch
Branch Chief Terrian Hicks VASQ-E-2096
Equal Opportunity Compliance and Training Branch
Branch Chief Michael Moran VS-E-2068
Business and Diversity Inclusion Branch
Branch Chief (Acting) Isaac Hernandez  

Ombudsman Anthony Lowe VS-E-2022
Secretary Priscilla Lee VS-E-2023A
Administrative Officer Matthew Blanchard VS-E-2046
Associate Ombudsman Amy Brown VS-E-2048

Director/Chief Risk Officer E. Marshall Gentry VS-D-6142
Corporate Management Control, Manager Elroy S. Holden VS-D-6138
Process Improvement, Manager Susan E. Koepp VS-D-6020
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Program, Manager                         Jill A. Lennox VS-D-6006

Director and Chief Learning Officer (Acting) Steve Cooper DAL-20-048
Special Assistant Beth Wiggins VS-A-3092
Senior Advisor to the CLO Segundo Pereira VS-A-3062
Educational Support Services
Assistant Director Gloria Paris VS-A-3070
Deputy Director
Deputy Director (Acting) Peter Neville VS-A-3030
Chief, Corporate Learning Program Kim Perkins VS-B-6096
Chief, Course Design and Development Peter Neville VS-A-3030
Chief, Examiner Learning Program Kayt Shipley VS-A-3026
Supervisory Training Administrator Catherine Eisel VS-A-3008
Associate Chief Learning Officer, Dallas Learning Center Jennifer Dice DAL-20-100

Inspector General (Acting) Tyler Smith VS-E-9042
Deputy Inspector General Gale Stallworth Stone VS-E-9059
Deputy Inspector General Tyler Smith VS-E-9042
Chief of Staff Jon Lebruto VS-E-9060
Office of Counsel
General Counsel Michael T. McCarthy VS-E-9042
Administrative Support Specialist Teresa Bishop VS-D-9002
Office of Information Technology
Director of Information Technology Hassen Sheikh VS-E-9096
Office of Management
Assistant Inspector General for Management Bronzwyn Palmer VS-E-9110
Director of Human Resources Vacant
Director of Management Services Vacant
Audits, Evaluations & Cyber
Assistant Inspector General Terry L. Gibson VS-E-8040
Deputy Assistant Inspector General Jason Yovich VS-E-8074
Audits and Evaluations Manager Mary Carmichael VS-E-8066
Audits and Evaluations Manager Lisa Conner ENG-37050
Audits and Evaluations Manager Matt Simber VS-E-8070
Audits and Evaluations Manager Luke Itnyre VS-E-8080
IT Audits Manager Laura Benton VS-E-8086
IT Audits Manager Joseph Nelson VS-E-8104
Office of Investigations
Assistant Inspector General for Investigations Shimon Richmond VS-D-9072
Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Investigations Quenton Sallows VS-D-9080
Criminal Research Specialist Kea Parker VS-D-9081
Electronic Crimes/Special Agent-In-Charge Quenton Sallows VS-D-9089
Chicago Region/Special Agent-In-Charge Kathleen Enstrom N1715
Kansas City Region/Special Agent-In-Charge Justin Bundy 2153
New York Region/Special Agent-In-Charge Patricia Tarasca 12007
Atlanta Region/Special Agent-In-Charge Kyle Myles 706
Dallas Region/Special Agent-In-Charge Anand Ramlall RO-DAL-37022
San Francisco Region/Special Agent-In-Charge Jeff Pittano 922
Mid-Atlantic Region/Special Agent-In-Charge Kyle Mitchum D-9052