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Private Sector Meetings on Financial Reform

The FDIC is voluntarily implementing a disclosure policy governing private sector meetings with senior FDIC officials regarding implementation of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. This disclosure policy supplements the requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act that apply to notice and comment rulemaking, and the FDIC is taking this voluntary step to promote further transparency.

This information is released on a bi-weekly basis; and includes the name and affiliation of private sector individuals who meet with senior FDIC officials to express substantive views about FDIC implementation of the new law, as well as the issue or issues discussed in the meeting.

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Persons Visited Date & Time Visitors Affiliation Material Provided Issues Discussed
Miller, Jonathan 24-JUN-2013 02:00PM Standard & Poor’s Rating Services Bovino, Beth Ann :Geduldig, Courtney :Kahan, Jack :Mahdavian, Sharif :Rosenkoetter, Darlene :Sharma, Vandana :White, Valerie  Yes Capital Issues
Miller, Jonathan 26-APR-2013 02:30PM Coalition for Sensible Housing Policy Brinkman, Jay :Edwards, Ken :Fears, Ken :Gordon, Julia :Handleman, Ethan :Mills, Pete :O’Connor, Steve :Ventrone, Joe  Yes Capital Issues:Consumer Protection
Gruenberg, Martin:Ryan, Barbara:Wigand, James 19-SEP-2012 01:00PM BlackRock Fisher, Peter No Resolution Authority:Other-Volcker Rule 
Gruenberg, Martin:Ryan, Barbara 03-AUG-2012 11:00AM Regional Bank Meeting Broucek, James Steven:Burdis, Paul Edward:Burki, Sairah:Dewhirst, Joseph R.:Fallon, Kieran:Ferguson, Scott G.:Johnson, Hal Swords:King, Randall:Kuhns, Anthony M.:Linehan, Stephen:Marshall, Robert Christopher:Molino, John:Smithy, Michael Deron:Stein, Larry:Vayda, Joseph M. No Capital Issues:Other-Volcker Rule
Gruenberg, Martin:Krimminger, Michael:Ryan, Barbara:French, George 18-APR-2012 04:11AM Mortgage Bankers Association Burke, E.J.:Cardwell, Gail:Flannery, Tari:Green, George:Kim, Thomas:Lancaster, Brian No Other-Risk retention
Gruenberg, Martin:Ryan, Barbara:French, George:Plunkett, Sylvia 12-APR-2012 03:00PM Regulatory Relations Council/Risk Management Association Athansaiu, Caryl:Broome, J. Tol:DeMarco, Edward J.:Gagnon, Kris:Githens, William:Mason, W. Bernard:Mulcahy, John:Reilly, James:Schnall, Peter No Other-Volcker Rule and Resolution Planning
Gruenberg, Martin:Ryan, Barbara:French, George 28-MAR-2012 10:00AM Public Citizen/Vermont Law School Donner, Lisa:Naylor, Bart:Stanley, Marcus:Taub, Jennifer:Turbeville, Wallace No Other-Volcker Rule
Gruenberg, Martin:Ryan, Barbara:Copa, Kym  23-MAR-2012 05:33PM Midsize Bank Coalition of America (MSBCA) Berthelot, Barry:Evans, Jennifer:Goldsmith, Russell:Harjo, Jeff:Hodges, Tim:Hostetter, Dave:Hoze, Corey:Hyland, Molly:Kallembach, Larry:Kling, David:Knight, Jeff:Lundblad, Carl:Raney, Steven:Tjarks, Brent:Tuggle, Charlie:Yates, Ken No Other-Volcker Rule Proposal
Pearce, Mark:Miller, Jonathan:Ernst, Keith 28-FEB-2012 11:00AM Mortgage Bankers Association Beckner, Hollis :Burch, Nathan :DeFronzo, Philip:Fratantoni, Michael:King, Tamara :Klika, Lisa :Krause, Shawn:Kyung , Cho-Miller:Malloy, Michael :Markison, Kenneth :McQuiggan, Michael:Morelli, Samuel :Moss, Lawrence :O'Connor, Stephen:Pezzani, Kevin :Stevens, David:Weinberg, Joshua  Yes Other-Qualified Mortgage Definition
Gruenberg, Martin:Krimminger, Michael:Ryan, Barbara:French, George 21-DEC-2011 02:30PM Credit Suisse Arnaboldi, Nicole:Jain, Robert:Machlis, Roger:Parton, Norm:Seidel, Joseph:Williams, Michael No Other-Volcker Rule
French, George:Thomas, John 16-DEC-2011 03:30PM Institute of International Bankers, Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton, LLP Bush, Derek:Carroll, Katherine Mooney:Coffman, Richard W.:Miller, Sarah A. No Other-Volcker Rule
Gruenberg, Martin:Villarreal, Jr. Jesse:Murton, Arthur 14-DEC-2011 10:30AM Fixed Income Asset Managers  Auwaerter, Robert :Caporale, Maura :Czarnick, Jacob :Durkee, Mal :Greenwood, Richard :Han, Tom :Johnson, Shawn :Kawasaki, Chris :Menezes, Karen:Messier, Andy :St. John, Scott I. :Stracke, Christian :Tobin, John :Weinberg, Peter  No Resolution Authority
Krimminger, Michael:Brown, Rich 08-NOV-2011 06:11PM Mortgage Bankers Association Fratantoni, Michael C.:O'Connor , Stephen A.:Stevens, David H. Yes Capital Issues:Other-risk retention rules and down payment requirement for qualified residential mortgages definition
Cave, Jason:French, George:Murton, Arthur:McInerney, Roberta:Steckel, Marc:Brown, Rich:Newbury, Christopher 04-NOV-2011 01:46PM Nomura, Fir Tree, Discovery, Putnam, Alliance Bernstein, Alyeska Investment Group Evans, Scott Bowen:Foran, Brian:Ketkar, Ajit Digambar:Ko, Daniel:McQuet, Rick:Schorr, Glen:Wingate, Heather:Wright, Robert Lewis, III No Capital Issues:Resolution Authority:Other-Volcker Rule, SIFI/G-SIFI, Liquidity
Krimminger, Michael:Wigand, James 12-OCT-2011 03:00PM Weil, Gotshal & Manges Cephas, Derrick:Tarbert, Heath No Living Wills/Resolution Plans
Gruenberg, Martin:Ryan, Barbara:Thompson, Sandra:Spoth, Christopher:French, George:Murton, Arthur:Ellis, Diane:Pearce, Mark:Plunkett, Sylvia 28-SEP-2011 11:30AM American Bankers Association (ABA) Officers Meeting Abernathy, Wayne:Chessen, Jim:Hunter, Mike:Keating, Frank:Kelly, Albert:Plagge, Jeff:Williams, Matthew No DIF Assessments:Other-Core Deposit Study
Gruenberg, Martin:Ryan, Barbara:Wigand, James 22-SEP-2011 05:00PM JP Morgan Chase & CO Camper, Naomi:Dimon, Jamie No DIF Assessments:Resolution Authority
Gruenberg, Martin:Cave, Jason:Ryan, Barbara:French, George 21-SEP-2011 03:00PM BAI CFO Roundtable Industry Meeting Acton, Elizabeth:Arnold, Doyle:Bianucci, Debbie:Bible, Daryl:DeMeo, Joe:Johnson, Richard J.:Jones, Rene F.:Losch, William C.:Reglero, Angel:Turner, David:Weeden, Jeff B.:Woods, John No Capital Issues:Resolution Authority
Gruenberg, Martin:Krimminger, Michael:Cave, Jason:Ryan, Barbara:Murton, Arthur:Wigand, James 21-SEP-2011 10:30AM Managed Funds Association (MFA) Board of Directors Altman, Howard:Baker, Richard:Bastow, Andrew:Brogard, Michel:Builione, Todd:Charon, Marc:Coes, Putnam:Gaine, Jack:Gismondi, Michael:Goodell, William:Harlow, Brooke:Horn, Keith:Inserra, Michael:Johnson, Ed:Kaswell, Stuart:Kawkabani, Nagi:Lawin, Scott:Macfarlane, John:Madden, Mark:Mendelson, Michael:O'Brien, Joseph:Raisler, Kenneth:Sirri, Erik:Stier, Cary:Weber, Jeffrey No Capital Issues:Resolution Authority
Gruenberg, Martin:Krimminger, Michael:Ryan, Barbara:Murton, Arthur:Ellis, Diane:McInerney, Roberta:Copa, Kym  07-SEP-2011 02:30PM The Clearing House Association, LLC Saltzman, Paul No DIF Assessments
Krimminger, Michael 07-SEP-2011 01:00PM Nomura, The Cypress Group Cave, J. Patrick:Herrera, Julie M. No Other-Credit Risk Retention
Krimminger, Michael:Wigand, James:Ligon, Keith:Azevedo, Mary Patricia 17-AUG-2011 11:00AM SIFMA/TCH Baer, Gregory:Bernstein, Donald:Costa, Jordan:Douglas, John:Grosshandler, Seth:Guynn, Randall:Kroener, William:McDowell, Carter:Meredith, Gregory:Sahni, Reena:Samuel, Jeffrey:Scott, Teri:Simmons, Rebecca:Tahyar, Margaret:White, Jason No Living Wills/Resolution Plans:Orderly Liquidation Funding Mechanism
Gruenberg, Martin:Krimminger, Michael:Nash, Paul:Ryan, Barbara 16-AUG-2011 11:00AM Radian Group, Inc. Bryce Bazemore, Teresa:Feather, Karen:Ibrahim, S.A.:Kanjorski, Paul E. No Other-Private Mortgage Insurance
Gruenberg, Martin:Nash, Paul:Ryan, Barbara 27-JUL-2011 02:00PM ICBA Blankenship, Cynthia:Fine, Cam:Gerhart, Jeff:Loving, William:MacPhee, Jim:Marranca, Salvatore:Menzies, Michael:Thomas, Karen No Other-Dood Frank, Risk Retention, QRM
Krimminger, Michael 30-JUN-2011 01:00PM Prudential Beggan, Sean:Horbacz, Gary M.:Sabapathi, Mani No Other-Risk Retention
Krimminger, Michael 29-JUN-2011 09:00AM Vanguard, MetLife, Paulson & Co., Inc., New York Life Investment Management, LLC Behal, Bob:Furlong, Brian:Hall, Tricia B.:Moretti, William No Other-Risk Retention
Gruenberg, Martin:Ryan, Barbara:Copa, Kym  23-JUN-2011 04:30PM Arnold & Porter, LLP Doyle, Patrick:Hawke, Jerry:Perkins, Nancy No Other-Study on core brokered deposits
Gruenberg, Martin:Cave, Jason:Ryan, Barbara 20-JUN-2011 09:00AM Allianz/K&L Gates/PIMCO Cantrill, Libby:Crowley, Daniel:Heiman, Bruce:Hodge, Douglas:Lefkin, Peter No Other-Designation of non-banks as systemic
Eberly, Doreen  14-JUN-2011 08:30AM US Banker and American Banker Dienes, Julie No Other-Dodd Frank impact on daily lives
Krimminger, Michael 09-JUN-2011 12:30PM National Assn. of Realtors, Mortgage Bankers Assn., Center for Responsible Lending, Ntl. Fair Housing Alliance, American Bankers Association, Consumer Federation of America Davis, Bob:Edwards, Ken:Goldberg, Debby:Lischer, Jeff:Markison, Ken:O'Connor, Steve:Pigg, Joe:Ventrone, Joe:Zigas, Barry No Other-Credit Risk Retention
St. Clair, Munsell :Copa, Kym  08-JUN-2011 01:00PM National Association of Industrial Bankers (NAIB) Kelly, Louise:Petersen, Kenneth:Pignanelli, Frank:Smoot, David:Specht, Raymond:Sutton, George:Weiler, Kirk:Wheatley, Amy Yes Other-Study on core and brokered deposits
Ellis, Diane 07-JUN-2011 11:00AM Community Development Bankers Association Jacokes, Jeannine and Association Members No Other-Study on core and brokered deposits
Krimminger, Michael 07-JUN-2011 09:00AM Loan Syndications and Trading Association, Dechert LLP Coffey, Meredith:Ganz, Elliott:Ledig, Robert H.:Smith, R. Bram:Vartanian, Thomas P. No Other-Credit Risk Retention
Cave, Jason:Steckel, Marc:Azevedo, Mary Patricia 01-JUN-2011 11:00AM Investment Company  Kroener, William:McMillan, Karrie:Reid, Brian Yes Other-Money market mutual fund reform
Ellis, Diane:St. Clair, Munsell  26-MAY-2011 10:00AM PMA Financial Network English, Michael:Hextell, Brian:Lutter, David:Rogus, Lori Yes Other-Study on core and brokered deposits
Krimminger, Michael 12-MAY-2011 02:45PM Loan Syndication and Trading Association, Invesco, Nappi & Hoppe, LLC Coffey, Meredith:Ganz, Elliott:Nappi, Douglas:Smith, R. Bram:Stoeckle, Gregory Yes Other-Credit Risk Retention
Gruenberg, Martin:Ryan, Barbara 11-MAY-2011 04:30PM Standard Chartered PLC/Glover Park Group Dalai, Payal:Johnson, Joel:Rojas, Julio No Other-Dodd-Frank rulemakings & orderly liquidation authority
Gruenberg, Martin:Ryan, Barbara 10-MAY-2011 03:51PM PMI Mortgage/Barnett-Sivon Katkov, David:Natter, Ray:Showell, Jill No Other-Risk retention/QRM rulemaking
St. Clair, Munsell  06-MAY-2011 10:00AM ABG Services, Inc. Arma, Vincent:Gallelli, Dominick Yes Other-Study on core and brokered deposits
Bair, Sheila:Krimminger, Michael:Nash, Paul 04-MAY-2011 03:30PM Fidelity Brown, Bob:Goebel, Scott:Meagher, Kevin:Prior, Nancy Yes Other-money market mutual funds
Krimminger, Michael:Murton, Arthur:Wigand, James 29-APR-2011 11:00AM Hoover Institute (Stanford), Sullivan & Cromwell LLP Herring, Richard:Jackson, Tom:Kroener III, William F.:Scott, Ken:Skeel, D.:Taylor, John No Resolution Authority
Ellis, Diane:St. Clair, Munsell  28-APR-2011 02:00PM American Express and Sullivan & Cromwell Forno, Christopher:Godderidge, Scott:Kroner, William:Lee, Anderson:Moss, Andrea:O'Reilly, Juliana:Roberts, Denise:Thompson, Kevin No Other-Study and core and brokered deposits
Krimminger, Michael:Cave, Jason:French, George:McInerney, Roberta 28-APR-2011 10:00AM Royal Bank of Canada, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP Blissett, Roger A.:Chase, Richard T.:Cohen, H. Rodgin:Martin, LaBrena Jones:Siegel, Michael E.:Standish, Mark:Toumey, Donald J. No Other-Volcker Rule - Proprietary Trading
Ellis, Diane:St. Clair, Munsell  15-APR-2011 11:00AM American Bankers Association, Discover Financial Services, Capital Bank of New Jersey, Celtic Bank, Katahdin Trust Co, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Valley National Bank, SpiritBank DePierro, Denyette:Greene, Christopher:Hanrahan, David:Limpkin, Gerald:Newman, Wade:Nightingale, Matthew:Randolph, Randolph:Robbins, Ira:Sanders, Kelley:Tenhundfeld, Mark:Ware, Phil Yes Other-Study on core and brokered deposits
Ellis, Diane:St. Clair, Munsell  14-APR-2011 03:00PM Morgan Stanley Carroll, Susan:Connolly, Mark:Greca, Jennifer:Hsu, WenYue:Prata, Ben:Setya, Adeesh No Other-Study on core and brokered deposits
Krimminger, Michael 14-APR-2011 11:00AM SIFMA, Goldman Sachs Bermanzohn, Frances R.:Grosshandler, Seth No Living Wills/Resolution Plans:Resolution Authority:Other-Risk Retention in Securitizations
Krimminger, Michael:Cave, Jason:Murton, Arthur:Wigand, James:Steckel, Marc 13-APR-2011 11:00AM Federated Investors Inc. Cunningham, Deborah:Donahue, J. Christopher:Maloney, Eugene F.:Ronayne, Brian Sean No Broker/Dealers:Capital Issues:Resolution Authority
Ellis, Diane:St. Clair, Munsell  05-APR-2011 11:00AM Scottrade Bank and Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP Petrasic, Kevin:Pope, Joe No Other-Study on core and brokered deposits
Ellis, Diane:St. Clair, Munsell :Copa, Kym  31-MAR-2011 10:00AM Financial Services Roundtable, CapitalOne, Discover, GE, State Farm, Debevoise & Plimpton, Arnold & Porter Britton, Brennen:Cimons, Wayne:Davis, Candace:Doyle, Patrick:Ipema, Brian:Lagnese, Michael:Luigs, David:Lyons, Greg:Messina, Ray:Proctor, Sam:Smith, Mike:Suppan, Michael:Tate, Brian No Other-Study on core and brokered deposits
Krimminger, Michael 30-MAR-2011 11:00AM Mortgage Bankers Association Carrier, Mike:Green, George:Other MBA Members, Various No Other-Risk Retention Rule and CRE Servicing Standards
Nash, Paul:Ellis, Diane:St. Clair, Munsell  24-MAR-2011 02:00PM TD Bank Boone, David:Ferguson, Scott:Johnson, David:Pollock, Ned Yes Other-Study on core and brokered deposits
Nash, Paul:St. Clair, Munsell :Copa, Kym  24-MAR-2011 11:00AM Anova Financial Blair, Derek:Winslow, Kim Yes Other-brokered deposit study
Ellis, Diane:St. Clair, Munsell  24-MAR-2011 10:00AM Institutional Deposits Corp. Burdette, Bill Yes Other-Study on core and brokered deposits
Nash, Paul:Ellis, Diane:St. Clair, Munsell :Copa, Kym  23-MAR-2011 02:00PM USAA and Venable Beaty, John:Conklin, Brian:Donnley, Deneen:Rosenberg, Marcos No Other-Study on core and brokered deposits
Miller, Jonathan 14-MAR-2011 12:00PM Merchants Payment Coalition Anderson, Todd:Beckwith, Lyle:DeFife, Scott:Duncan, Mallory:Garner, Liz:Kantor, Doug:Szente, Andrew:Wenning, Thomas No Other-Debit card exchange fees and routing (Section 1075 DFA)
Bair, Sheila:Cave, Jason 03-MAR-2011 02:00PM Fixed income asset managers Auwaerter, Bob:Bernstein, Seth:Brown, Robert:Caporale, Maura:Contis, James:Czarnick, Jacob:Durkee, Mal:Flanagan, Mark:Greenwood, Richard:Han, Tom:Leech, Ken:Nordin, Diane:Prior, Nancy:Saade, Karina:Tang, Agnes:Weinberg, Peter:Wosepka, Kent No Orderly Liquidation Funding Mechanism
Thomas, John 24-FEB-2011 12:00PM Financial Services Roundtable and constituent members Albrecht, Steven:Bronson, John:Conroy, Hugh :Grieve, Margaret:Ipema, Bradley:Lee, Paul:Luigs, David:Lyons, Gregory:Proctor, Samuel:Shenker, Nina:Siegel, Michael:Wise, Eric:Zornoza, Simon No Other-Volcker Rule restrictions on proprietary trading and investments in private equity and hedge funds 
Gruenberg, Martin:Ryan, Barbara:Murton, Arthur:Wigand, James:Osterman Jr., Richard:Steckel, Marc 17-FEB-2011 03:00PM Managed Funds Association (MFA) Allensworth, Benjamin:Bradbury, Darcy:Gunderson, Brian:Kaswell, Stuart:Waldorf, Michael No Other-Applicability of Dodd Frank to hedge funds and related FSOC issues
Curry, Thomas:Kilber, Ken 17-FEB-2011 09:00AM HVP, Inc. Connolly,  James M.:Flick, Lawrence G.:Marthinsen, John E.:Segal, James No Other-Section 941-Qualified residential mortgages and risk retention rule
Bair, Sheila:Villarreal, Jr. Jesse:Nash, Paul:Spoth, Christopher:Copa, Kym  16-FEB-2011 04:00PM American Bankers Association Abernathy, Wayne:Blanton, Dan:Bridges, Dorothy:Henson, Gene:Keating, Frank:Mindeman, Charlotte:Shaffer, Tom:Urrabazo, Ignacio No Other-Risk Retention, Brokered/Core Deposits
Cave, Jason:Murton, Arthur:Wigand, James:McInerney, Roberta:Steckel, Marc:Newbury, Christopher 16-FEB-2011 03:57PM Financial Services Companies:  PioneerPath Capital; Millenium Partners; Nomura Investment Securities; T. Rowe Price Assocs.; Pyramis Global Advisors; Discovery Capital Management; Goldman Sachs Investment Partners. Beauchesne, Bryan:Evans, Scott Bowen:Foran, Brian:Fortune, Christopher Todd:Schorr, Glenn:Schuermann, Mark:Schwandt, Reed:Seddon, William:Walsh, Brendon:Wilkinson, Wallis No Capital Issues:DIF Assessments:Assessment Base
Cave, Jason:Corston, John:Wigand, James:Steckel, Marc 14-FEB-2011 01:00PM Managed Funds Association Allensworth, Benjamin:Brooks, David:Gunderson, Brian:Leviant, Shulamit:Puwalski, Allen:Tirschwell, Sara:Waldorf, Michael No Other-Applicability of Dodd Frank to Hedge Funds
Cave, Jason:Murton, Arthur:Wigand, James:McInerney, Roberta:Copa, Kym :Goodman, Alice 08-FEB-2011 11:00AM Sallie Mae Corporation Ducich, Sarah:Hohlt, Rick:Lutz, Laurent:Remondi, Jack No Other-Supervision of non-bank financial companies
Krimminger, Michael 07-FEB-2011 11:30AM The Clearing House Association, Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, Capital Alpha Partners, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton, LLP Chan, Gary:Englehard, Joseph:Forman, Laura:Granelli, Thomas:Grosshandler, Seth:Poulos, Nikki:Radisch, Lois:Thompson, Lawrence No Resolution Authority:Other-Qualified Financial Contracts
Bair, Sheila:Brown, Rich 04-FEB-2011 08:00AM Federal Advisory Council, Iberiabank, Discover Financial Services, First Horizon National, U.S. Bancorp, Cullen/Frost Banker, City National Bank, State Street, Bank of New York Mellon, TD Banknorth, PNC Financial, CapitalOne Bank Annable, James E.:Byrd, Daryl G.:Davis, Richard K.:Evans, Jr., Richard W.:Fairbank, Richard D.:Goldsmith, Russell:Hooley, Joseph:Jordan, Bryan:Kelley, Robert:Lombardi, Britton:Masrani, Bharat:Nelms, David W.:Rohr, James No Capital Issues:Other-Incentive-Based Compensation; Dodd-Frank Implementation Schedule; Challenges Facing Small Banks
Bair, Sheila:Brown, Rich 02-FEB-2011 11:30AM Allianz of America Corp., PIMCO Funds, K&L Gates LLP Cantrill, Libby:Crowley, Daniel F.C.:Harris, Brent:Lefkin, Peter Yes Other-Possible CFTC rules on position limits in commodity spot markets and implications for FSOC
Wigand, James:Ligon, Keith 19-JAN-2011 02:33PM Morgan Stanley Fitzgerald, Paul:Grant, Justin:Hill, Jim:King, Nancy:Koederitz, Candice:Lee, Soo-Mi:McCoy, Bill:Neary, John:O'Connor, Stephen:Ostrander, Rick No Other-Volcker Rule
Krimminger, Michael:Thomas, John:Steckel, Marc 19-JAN-2011 02:00PM The Clearing House Association, LLC Visitors, Multiple Yes Other-Recommended regulations under Title II
Krimminger, Michael:Cave, Jason:Wigand, James:Steckel, Marc 19-JAN-2011 12:30PM The Clearinghouse Association, LLC Grosshandler, Seth:Visitors, Multiple No Broker/Dealers:Resolution Authority
Ellis, Diane:McInerney, Roberta:Copa, Kym  13-JAN-2011 10:00AM The Clearing House, Sullivan and Cromwell Alexander, Joe:Cohen, H. Rodgin:Guido, Janine:Kroener, William:Peterson, Eli:Saltzman, Paul:by phone, Others No Large Bank Pricing
Gruenberg, Martin:Krimminger, Michael:Ryan, Barbara 05-JAN-2011 02:30PM LCH Clearnet Group Limited/ Feuer, Mitchell:Liddell, Roger:Rich, Peter:de Teran, Natasha No Other-General discussion of Dodd Frank Implementation Issues
Bair, Sheila:Krimminger, Michael:Wigand, James 05-JAN-2011 02:00PM Morgan Stanley Gorman, James:Porat, Ruth No Capital Issues:Other-Volcker Rule
Krimminger, Michael 28-DEC-2010 12:00PM Independent Community Bankers of America Grochala, Ann:Haynie, Ron:Thomas, Karen No Other-Section 941-Qualified residential mortgages and risk retention rule
Krimminger, Michael:McInerney, Roberta 21-DEC-2010 03:00PM Sullivan & Cromwell Cohen, Rodgin No Other-Lincoln Amendment
Krimminger, Michael:Murton, Arthur:Wigand, James:Thomas, John:Osterman Jr., Richard:McInerney, Roberta 21-DEC-2010 02:00PM The Clearinghouse Association;Sullivan & Cromwell; Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton; Federal Financial Analytics; JP Morgan Chase Abele, Rodney:Baer, Gregory:Cohen, H. Rodgin:Grosshandler, Seth:Kroener, William:Petrou, Karen Shaw:Salzman, Paul:Simmons, Rebecca:Zingale, Mark Yes Bridge Financial Companies:Claims Priority:Resolution Authority:Other-Treatment of creditors
Krimminger, Michael 15-DEC-2010 03:00PM American Securitization Forum, Ford Motor Credit, Credit Suisse, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, Orrick Herrington and Sutcliffe LLP, Mayer Brown LLP, Falcon Capital Advisors, JP Morgan Deutsch, Tom:DiAngelo, Chris:Falcon, Armando:Krohn, Scott:Litwin, Stuart:Slonieski, John:Stengel, Scott:Thomas, Susan:Toennies, Deborah:Young, James No Resolution Authority
Cave, Jason:Steckel, Marc:Copa, Kym  07-DEC-2010 03:00PM MetLife Latrenta, Nicholas:Smith, Kristin No Resolution Authority
Newbury, Christopher 29-NOV-2010 12:00PM NAHB Hamecs, Michelle:Ledford, David:Moore, Kimberly No Other-CRE and Construction Lending by Community Banks
Ellis, Diane:St. Clair, Munsell  22-NOV-2010 10:00AM SpiritBank Sanders, Kelley Yes Other-Study on Core and Brokered Deposits
Steckel, Marc 16-NOV-2010 06:08PM Towers Watson Gayley, John:McClave, Kathleen:Seelig, Steven:Zoellick, Stephen Yes Other-DFA Section 956 - Incentive Compensation
Bair, Sheila:Cave, Jason:French, George 10-NOV-2010 10:00AM FDIC/Fed Roundtable Almeida, Mark E. :Altman, Edward I. :Brown, Charles D. :Cantor, Richard :De Ghenghi, Luigi L. :Dhru, Jayan :Dubitsky, Rod :Gilbert, Adam M. :Imamura, Reginald H. :Keane, Brendan J. :Mason, Joseph R. :Monroe, Mary Frances :Reber, Jim :Sinnott, Thomas E. :Toy, Edward L. :Whalen, R. Christopher  No Other-Use of Credit Ratings and Creditworthiness Standards 
Ellis, Diane:Steckel, Marc:St. Clair, Munsell  09-NOV-2010 02:30PM Financial Services Roundtable, Regions Bank, Hartford Financial, Unum, Gibson and Dunn, BB&T, Debevoise & Plimpton, State Street Askew, Bill:Barry, Joe:Bartell, Tom:Cannon, Kimble:Kordek, Kathleen:Luigs, David:Lyons, Greg:Tate, Brian:Williams, Pieter No DIF Assessments
Nash, Paul 09-NOV-2010 02:00PM National Bankers Association Grant, Michael No DIF Assessments:Other-Section 342--OWMI
Cave, Jason:Murton, Arthur 05-NOV-2010 10:00AM Blackrock Connolly, Robert:Novick, Barbara No Other-designation of non-bank firms as systemic
Bair, Sheila:Gruenberg, Martin:Curry, Thomas:Krimminger, Michael:Cave, Jason:Villarreal, Jr. Jesse:Ryan, Barbara:Murton, Arthur:Wigand, James:Osterman Jr., Richard:Copa, Kym :Goodman, Alice:Kilber, Ken 04-NOV-2010 02:00PM FDIC & FRB Roundtable Barr, Michael:Broderick, Craig:Dudley, William:Golhar, Shawn:Jones, Chris:Kuritzkes, Andrew:Lloyd, Eric:Luciani, Juan:Shohet, Zion:Starnes, Clarke:Tarullo, Daniel:Walsh, John:Wong, David:Zubrow, Barry No Living Wills/Resolution Plans
Krimminger, Michael 03-NOV-2010 11:00AM LSTA Coffey, Meredith:Ganz, Elliot:Nappi, Douglas:Smith, Bram Yes Other-Securitization Risk Retention
Ellis, Diane:Steckel, Marc 27-OCT-2010 03:30PM Northern Trust, State Street, Bank of New York/Mellon Barry, Joe:Costello, Ann:Depaola, Bob:Dibble, Kelly:Dodds, William:Freidenrich, Scott:Gavell, Stefan:Granese, David:McKeon, Rob:Phillippi, David:Rocheleau, Duane:Roselle, James:Zornova, Simon Yes Assessment Base
Krimminger, Michael:Cave, Jason:Murton, Arthur:Thomas, John 26-OCT-2010 04:10PM Law Firms Agriwal Sanni, Reena:Bernstein, Don:Bopp, Michael:Douglas, John:Galardi, Gregg:Grosshandler, Seth:Guynn, Randy:Ledig, Bob:McDowell, Carter:McIlwain, Knox:Murphy, Jack:Rosenthal, Michael:Sieger, Glenn:Simmons, Rebecca:Sweet, Bill:White, Erika No Living Wills/Resolution Plans
Brown, Rich 24-OCT-2010 08:52PM NAHB Multifamily Roundtable Ledford, David No Capital Issues:Consumer Protection:DIF Assessments:Living Wills/Resolution Plans:Resolution Authority:Other-Speech / Q&A to NAHB
Murton, Arthur:Ellis, Diane 18-OCT-2010 02:00PM American Insurance Association J. Stephen, Zielezienski:Martin, McGuiness:Pusey, Leigh Ann:Thomas, Santos No Resolution Authority
Brown, Rich:Newbury, Christopher 14-OCT-2010 02:00PM CBRE Levy, Spencer:Penner, Ethan:Wells, Wesley No Broker/Dealers:Capital Issues:Consumer Protection:DIF Assessments:Living Wills/Resolution Plans:Resolution Authority:Other-Covered Bonds
Brown, Rich:Newbury, Christopher 14-OCT-2010 02:00PM CB Richard Ellis Levy, Spencer:Penner, Ethan:Wells, Wesley No Other-Securitization, Employee Compensation, Mark-to-Market Accounting
Nash, Paul:Ellis, Diane:McInerney, Roberta 08-OCT-2010 12:00PM Pennsylvania Bankers Association Multiple, Visitors No Capital Issues:DIF Assessments
Bair, Sheila:Corston, John:French, George:Osterman Jr., Richard 08-OCT-2010 12:00PM JPMC Braunstein, Doug:Camper, Naomi:Dimon, Jamie:Zubrow, Barry Yes Capital Issues:Consumer Protection:Living Wills/Resolution Plans:Resolution Authority
Brown, Rich 08-OCT-2010 09:00AM Credit Agricole Baudchon, Helene:Honthaas, Esthelle:Nguyen, Quang Khoi No Capital Issues:Consumer Protection:DIF Assessments:Resolution Authority:Other-Economic Outlook / Bank Performance
Gruenberg, Martin:Ryan, Barbara:Copa, Kym  05-OCT-2010 03:00PM Genworth/Brownstein/Hyatt/Farber/Schreck (BHFS) Bennison, James:Duncan, Duane:Goldhaber, Mark:Whonder, Carmencita No Other-Qualified mortgage exemption
Gruenberg, Martin:Ryan, Barbara:Copa, Kym  05-OCT-2010 11:28AM Genworth Financial/Browstein/Hyatt/Farber/Schreck Bennison, James:Duncan, Duane:Goldhaber, Mark:Whonder, Carmencita No Other-qualified mortgage exception
Steckel, Marc 04-OCT-2010 01:00PM American Bankers Association Baca, Steve:Brown, Steve:Cameron, Randy:Chafey, Bob:DePierro, Denyette:Dohern, Mike:Evans, Jon:Gibboney, Laura:Grantham, J.:Hazen, Sally:Heugly, Mark:Hook, Richard:Keeling, Mark:Martin, Charlotte:McFaddin, William:Ochsner, David:Quinlan, Joseph, III:Quinlan, Joseph, Jr.:Sonders, Ricki:Strand, Rob:Tholo, Edie:Vandeven, David:Walz, Cheri:Wanserski, Carol:Zagone, Ryan No Assessment Base
Nash, Paul:Steckel, Marc:Brown, Rich 01-OCT-2010 08:30AM Missouri Bankers Association Multiple, Visitors No Other-whar are near/mid/long term issues FDIC will work on in reaction to legislation
Nash, Paul:French, George 30-SEP-2010 03:00PM Emigrant Bank Cannon, Steve:Milstein, Howard No Capital Issues
App, Steven:Osterman Jr., Richard:Steckel, Marc:Brown, Rich 30-SEP-2010 08:30AM Maryland Bankers Association Visitors, Multiple No Capital Issues:Other-priorities coming out of Dodd-Frank
Bair, Sheila:Krimminger, Michael:Cave, Jason:French, George:Brown, Rich 29-SEP-2010 04:51PM MBA Courson, John:Denney, Josh:Fratantoni, Mike:Markinson, Ken:O'Connor, Steve No Resolution Authority
Bair, Sheila:Krimminger, Michael:Villarreal, Jr. Jesse 29-SEP-2010 04:00PM The Clearing House Aramanda, Jim:Dillon, Joe:Saltzman, Paul No Resolution Authority
Krimminger, Michael:Cave, Jason:Osterman Jr., Richard:Steckel, Marc 29-SEP-2010 04:00PM The Clearing House Alexander, Joseph:Cohen, H.Rodgin (S&C):Goldfarb, Sheldon (RBS):Helfer, Michael (Citi):Hoyt, Robert (PNC):Johnson, Robert (BBT):Kadish, Michael (Deutsche):McCulloch, Kathryn (JPMC):O'Keefe, Edward (BA):Pampel, Martha (HSBC):Peterson, Eli:Pudlin, Helen (PNC):Saltzman, Paul:Sherburne, Jane (BONY):Strother, James (Wells Fargo):Zingale, Mark No Capital Issues:Living Wills/Resolution Plans:Resolution Authority:Other-General discussion of Dodd Frank Implementation issues and timing of regulations.  
Curry, Thomas:French, George:Griffin, Henry R. F.:Steckel, Marc:Kilber, Ken 29-SEP-2010 12:00PM Indiana Bankers Association Visitors, Multiple No Other-Preemption Post Dodd/Frank; Timeline for Implementation of the Dodd/Frank Act
Gruenberg, Martin:Krimminger, Michael:Ryan, Barbara:French, George:Murton, Arthur 28-SEP-2010 10:00AM Managed Funds Association (MFA) Baker, Richard:Bradbury, Darcy:Hollowingsworth, Roger:Plus 42 additional members, MFA No Other-Market conditions and investor perspectives
Cave, Jason:Murton, Arthur:Ellis, Diane:Sweeney, Maureen 23-SEP-2010 03:07PM Bloomberg and Williams and Jensen Babyak, Gregory:Franasiak, David:Litke, Adam No Other-Visitors views of the Office of Financial Research data collection issues
Ellis, Diane:Steckel, Marc:St. Clair, Munsell  23-SEP-2010 01:00PM Northern Trust, State Street, BNY/Mellon Barry, Joe:Dibble, Kelly:Karp, Andrew:Phillippi, David:Rocheleau, Duane:Roselle, James No Assessment Base
Curry, Thomas:Nash, Paul:Steckel, Marc:Vogel, John 22-SEP-2010 12:30PM AZ, CO, ID, MT, NV, UT, WY Bankers Associations Multiple , Visitors No Other-New regulator and how all regulators plan to coordinate activities
Krimminger, Michael 22-SEP-2010 11:30AM MICA Hutchinson, Suzanne Yes Other-Risk Retention Section 941
Curry, Thomas:Nash, Paul:French, George:Ellis, Diane:Vogel, John 21-SEP-2010 12:00PM Oklahoma Bankers Association Multiple, Visitors No Consumer Protection:DIF Assessments
Nash, Paul:Griffin, Henry R. F. 21-SEP-2010 08:30AM Mississippi Bankers Association Multiple , Visitors No Consumer Protection:Other-Implementation of the financial regulatory reform law
Steckel, Marc:St. Clair, Munsell  17-SEP-2010 12:00PM ICBA and bankers banks Abernathy, Don:Baca, Steve:Brown, Steve:Cole, Chris:Dohren, Mike:Evans, Jon:Gibboney, Laura:Hansen, Charlotte:Hurlbutt, John:O'Rourke, Michael:Phelan, Charles:Sonders, Ricki:Sposito, Peter:Ware, Viveca Yes Assessment Base
Gruenberg, Martin:Ryan, Barbara:French, George:Griffin, Henry R. F.:Steckel, Marc 16-SEP-2010 12:00PM Florida/California Bankers Leadership Multiple , Visitors No Consumer Protection:Other-Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010
Gruenberg, Martin:Ryan, Barbara:Spoth, Christopher:Ellis, Diane:Thomas, John 16-SEP-2010 08:00AM Illinois Bankers Association Multiple, Visitors No Other-Regulatory Burden under Dodd/Frank
App, Steven:Steckel, Marc 15-SEP-2010 12:00PM Arkansas Bankers Association Multiple , Visitors No Other-Regulation & Promulgations of Dodd/Frank and Changes in Examinations under Dodd/Frank Act
Villarreal, Jr. Jesse:Murton, Arthur 15-SEP-2010 09:30AM Financial Services Forum and Members Barry, Joe:Collingwood, John:Dearie, John:Getzoff, Rob:Hurtt, Erica:Munroe, Christine:Nichols, Rob:Pelletier, Eric:Polichene, Briget:Smith, Kristin No Capital Issues:Consumer Protection:DIF Assessments:Living Wills/Resolution Plans:Resolution Authority
Gruenberg, Martin:Ryan, Barbara:Ellis, Diane:Thomas, John 15-SEP-2010 08:30AM Oregon/Washington Bankers Multiple , Visitors No Capital Issues:Other-Deposit Insurance Changes Under Dodd/Frank Act
Gruenberg, Martin:Ryan, Barbara:Ellis, Diane:Copa, Kym :Goodman, Alice 14-SEP-2010 12:00PM Independent Community Bankers of America Multiple, Visitors No Capital Issues:DIF Assessments:Resolution Authority
Nash, Paul:Murton, Arthur:Ellis, Diane:Goodman, Alice 13-SEP-2010 10:30AM ABA Abernathy, Wayne:Chessen, Jim No DIF Assessments:Assessment Base:Designated Reserve Ratio:Dividends:Large Bank Pricing
Nash, Paul:Murton, Arthur:Ellis, Diane:Goodman, Alice 10-SEP-2010 02:00PM ICBA Cole, Chris:Thomas, Karen No DIF Assessments:Assessment Base:Designated Reserve Ratio:Dividends
Brown, Rich 10-SEP-2010 08:30AM Confederation of British Industry McCafferty, Ian No Capital Issues:Consumer Protection:Resolution Authority:Other-Economic Outlook / Bank Performance
Brown, Rich 03-SEP-2010 09:00AM The Whistler Group Tipton, Mark No Other-Jumbo securitization plan for NC
Brown, Rich 02-SEP-2010 04:00PM National Real Estate Ventures Monroe, Peter No Resolution Authority:Other-Mortgage Loss Mitigation
Steckel, Marc:St. Clair, Munsell  01-SEP-2010 02:30PM ICBA Cole, Chris:Thomas, Karen:Ware, Viveca No Assessment Base
Bair, Sheila:Gruenberg, Martin:Curry, Thomas:Krimminger, Michael 31-AUG-2010 01:00PM FDIC Roundtable Biglari, Hamid :Broderick, Craig :Certosimo, Art :Cloutier, C.R. Rusty :Dhru, Jay :Gorton, Gary :Lockhart, James :Nelson, Kenneth :Saade, Karina :Wertz, Phillip :Wong, David :Wright, John :Zubrow, Barry  No Claims Priority:Living Wills/Resolution Plans:Resolution Authority
Cave, Jason:Spoth, Christopher:Ellis, Diane:Steckel, Marc 23-AUG-2010 01:30PM SIFMA Fitzgerald, Pat:Hida, Edward:Midha, Ashish:Spillenkothen, Rich Yes Living Wills/Resolution Plans

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