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Crisis and Response

Data Library

Readers should note that if no source is given for data, the source for that data is the FDIC.

Figure 1.1 S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index, 1987–2013

Figure 1.2 Real Home Price Index, 1890–2013

Figure 1.3 Home Sales and Home Price Index, 2000–2013

Figure 1.4 Mortgage Loans Past Due, by Type of Loan, 2000–2013

Figure 1.5 Issuance of Mortgage-Backed Securities, 1990–2013*

Figure 1.6 Mortgage Credit Default Swap ABX Indexes*

Figure 1.7 Markets Heat Map

Figure 2.1 Interbank Lending Spreads during the Financial Crisis

Figure 2.2 Trends in Senior Unsecured U.S. Bank Debt Issuance before and after September 2008*

Figure 2.3 DGP Debt Outstanding, October 2008–December 2012

Figure in Box titled “Institutions Using the Debt Guarantee Program”

Figure 2.4 Amounts Guaranteed by the TAGP, 2008–2010

Figure 2.5 DGP Debt Outstanding by Type, October 2008-December 2009

Figure 2.6 Maturities of TLGP Debt Outstanding at Month End, October 2008–October 2009

Figure 2.7 Funding Costs: TLGP Debt vs. Non-Guaranteed Debt, January 2007–October 2009*

Figure 2.8 TLGP vs. Non-TLGP Debt Issuance, October 2008–October 2009*

Figure 2.9 The Costs of the TAGP: The 5 Most Expensive Failures vs. All Others ($ Millions, as of December 31, 2016)

Figure 4.1 Real Estate Loans as a Percent of Total Loans, 1996–2016 (Total Assets < $10 Billion)

Figure 4.2 Downgrades of 1- and 2-Rated Banks:: Ratio of ADC Loans to Capital

Figure 4.3 Downgrades of 1- and 2-Rated Banks: Asset Growth

Figure 4.4 Downgrades of 1- and 2-Rated Banks: Ratio of Wholesale Funding to Total Assets

Figure 4.5 Cumulative Failure Percentage by Equity-to-Asset Ratio, 2003–2016

Figure 4.6 Number of Formal Safety-and-Soundness Enforcement Actions Issued by FDIC, 2000–2016

Figure 4.7 Status of Institutions on Problem-Bank List, 2008– Q1 2017

Figure 4.8 Return on Equity, 1869–2014

Figure 5.1 Timeline of Events and Reserve Ratio Trends Q1 2007 – Q3 2016

Figure 5.2 Contingent Loss Reserve, DIF Portfolio Liquidity, and DIF Balance Q1 2007 – Q4 2010

Figure 6.1 FDIC Bank Resolutions by Year

Figure 6.2 Total Assets of Failed Banks by Year of Resolution

Figure 6.3 Failed Banks as a Percentage of All Banks by Year from Start of Each Crisis 1980

Figure 6.4 Total DRR Authorized and On-Board Full-Time Staff, 2008−2011

Figure 6.5 Loans, ORE and Subsidiaries in Liquidation 2008 ̵ 2013 Multifamily

Figure 6.6 Loss Share Asset Portfolio at Resolution

*The FDIC is prohibited from releasing some or all of the underlying data due to agreements with third-party providers.