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Guidance for Completing the Diversity Self-Assessment

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The Diversity Self-Assessment of FDIC Regulated Financial Institutions instrument was developed to assist institutions in conducting a self-assessment of their diversity and inclusion program envisioned by the Interagency Policy Statement Establishing Joint Standards for Assessing the Diversity Policies and Practices of Regulated Entities (June 10, 2015). The use of this selfassessment instrument is voluntary. Financial institutions may use this instrument or their own assessment instrument to respond to the Policy Statement.

The FDIC will use the information provided by its regulated financial institutions to monitor progress and trends in the financial services industry with regard to diversity and inclusion in employment and contracting activities. Institutions submitting information may designate such information as confidential commercial information and the FDIC will follow the Freedom of Information Act in the event of a request for information.

Section I - Financial Institution Information

This section requests the following information:

Section II - Assessment of the Financial Institution's Diversity Policies and Practices

This section correlates with the five standards contained in the Policy Statement and allows the institution to evaluate itself against leading diversity practices. Note: a "yes or no" response is only to describe the institution's diversity program and a "no" response does not negatively reflect on your program. Additional information can be submitted to clarify a response.

Section III - Diversity Data

This section requests two parts of the financial institutions data for the assessment period.

Section IV - Additional Information

This section enables a financial institution to provide supplemental information about its diversity program that it deems important or to clarify its responses in Section II.

Accessing FID-SA to Complete and Submit a Diversity Self-Assessment

The FDIC has fully automated the Diversity Self-Assessment of FDIC Regulated Financial Institutions instrument and submission process through the FID-SA application that is accessible through the secured FDICconnect portal.