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August 2022

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Last Updated: August 17, 2022

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August Monthly Message from the FDIC

All across the country, families are preparing to send their children back to school. Starting as early as August, schools will begin opening their doors and hearts to educating the youth. During this time, teachers and educators are also planning and preparing for the upcoming school year. If you are looking for resources to teach children about money and financial literacy, we have a few options for you.

Our Money Smart for Young People series (MSYP) consists of four free curricula that include lessons plans for educators along with guides for parents and caregivers. Additional activities in a modern, easy-to-read format.

Whether heading off to teach middle school, high school or even college, our Money Smart for Youth curriculum provides students with key financial skills to assist them in improving their ability to understand and make smart financial decisions. Find more information on these materials and more on our website.

Join us on social media using the #FDICMoneySmart and show us the Money Smart products in action!

Upcoming Back to School Webinar

On September 8, we will be hosting a Back to School webinar featuring our Money Smart for Young People curriculum. Come learn about new Money Smart resources, including our new How Money Smart Are You? game. Register for this event here.

Success Story

High School Uses How Money Smart Are You? in Senior Economics

Money Smart for Young People New Features

Great news! Instead of having to download the entire slide deck for the Money Smart for Young People curriculum, you can now download the slides for each lesson individually. In addition to this, the Jump$tart Coalition and the Council for Economic Education recently published The National Standards for Personal Financial Education. These standards provide a framework for teaching personal finance in kindergarten through 12th grade, and contain areas of knowledge and understanding that are fundamental to personal finance. We have updated our alignment charts to display the alignment between these standards and the MSYP.

Latest FDIC Consumer News Edition

The August 2022 edition of the FDIC Consumer News focuses on deposit insurance coverage. Read it here.

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