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August 2022 Success Stories

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Last Updated: August 17, 2022

High School Uses How Money Smart Are You? in Senior Economics

Sean Cunningham, an economics teacher at Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco High School in Alice, Texas recently used our latest resource in the classroom. He had his students use various How Money Smart Are You? (HMSRU) games to satisfy the mandated graduation requirements. The students had been learning financial literacy all school year and he used HMSRU as their final unit in the class.

“Our students really enjoyed the program and materials. They really like the way the information was presented,” he noted. Sean also mentioned that even the parents and other staff members were impressed by the games. “They overheard some of the information while students were working on it, and they thought it was valuable information for our students.”

You can find our HMSRU games on our website, as well other helpful resources. We are eager to hear about your approaches and successful strategies involving Money Smart. Please share your story or tips about Money Smart with us at

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