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Money Smart News

Money Smart News for Kids

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Helping youth learn about money and financial matters will set them up for good financial health as they become adults. Learning what banks do, why they are important, and how the Federal Deposit Insurance Company (FDIC) keeps consumers’ money safe will help our youth participate in the nation’s economy.

FDIC Money Smart News for Kids includes nine chapters, which introduce basic banking terms to children, who are perhaps just beginning to learn about finances. Each issue builds upon the next and introduces two characters who try out different financial concepts along the way.

Individual Chapters

Chapter 1

What is a Bank?
Why should I keep my money there?

Introduces banking concepts and why money is safe in a bank.

Chapter 2

Goals and Saving
Why are they important?

Meet Isabella and Noah and find out why they are saving.

Chapter 3

Budgeting and Shopping
How can I spend wisely?

Find out how Noah budgets his money and what kinds of speed bumps he encounters.

Chapter 4

Sharing as Part of the Plan
Can my savings goal help my community too?

Discover how sharing became a part of Isabella’s financial plan.

Chapter 5

Compound Interest
What is it and how does it work?

Learn how Noah let his money work for him with the power of compound interest.

Chapter 6

Careers and Pay
How can I earn money?

Noah was able to make a difference while he pursued a career and earned money.

Chapter 7

Loans and Credit
When should I borrow money?

Isabella learned about income, expenses, and borrowing money.

Chapter 8

Small Business
Can I work for myself?

Isabella saw an opportunity and started her own business.

Chapter 9

Money and Banking Overview

A review of Isabella’s and Noah’s journeys.

Teacher Guide

Activities and Discussions
For Teachers and Parents

Ideas to engage students and encourage conversations about money.

If you have any questions or comments, please send us an email at

"Great work and love the material."

- Banker in Kentucky

"I like how inclusive you were with the choices for the students."

- FDIC Student Summer Intern

"This will resonate with kids and give incentive to reach (their) dreams."

- Banker in Georgia