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Deposit Insurance Fund

1997 Assessment Regulations

Last Updated: June 29, 2022

1997 Assessment Regulations

Date published Title
1997-12-30 Risk-Based Capital Standards: Market Risk
1997-11-28 Independent Audits and Reporting Requirements
1997-11-05 Risk-Based Capital Standards; Recourse and Direct Credit Substitutes
1997-10-27 h Risk-Based Capital Standards; Unrealized Holding Gains on Certain Equity Securities
1997-10-09 Applications, Requests, Submittals, Delegations of Authority, and Notices Required To Be Filed by Statute or Regulation; Unsafe and Unsound Banking Practices; Registration of Transfer Agents; Foreign Banks; Management Official Interlocks; Golden Parachute and Indemnification Payments
1997-09-12 Activities of Insured State Banks and Insured Savings Associations
1997-09-10 Prohibition Against use of Interstate Branches Primarily for Deposit Production
1997-07-29 Prevention of Deposit Shifting
1997-07-15 International Banking Regulations; Consolidation and Simplification
1997-05-19 Assessments
1997-05-14 Notification of Changes of Insured Status
1997-03-19 Government Securities Sales Practices
1997-03-17 Prohibition Against Use of Interstate Branches Primarily for Deposit Production
1997-02-11 Prevention of Deposit Shifting
1997-02-03 Forms, Instructions and Reports