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FDIC Affordable Housing Program - Property Owner's Manual

Chapter Titles

1. Introduction - PDF (PDF help)

2. Multifamily Property Requirements - PDF (PDF help)

3.Achieving Compliance - PDF (PDF help)

4.Determining Income Eligibility - PDF (PDF help)

5.Rent and Lease Requirements - PDF (PDF help)

6.Reporting, Record-Keeping, and Administrative Requirements - PDF (PDF help)

7.Financial Infeasibility Waivers - PDF (PDF help)

8.Compliance Procedures for Condominium Bulk Purchases - PDF (PDF help)

9.Compliance Procedures for Single Family Bulk Sales to Public Agencies and Nonprofits - PDF (PDF help)


A.Rental Application - PDF (PDF help)

B.Tenant Release and Consent - PDF (PDF help)

C.Guide for Determining Annual Income - PDF (PDF help)

D.Employment Verification - PDF (PDF help)

E.Tenant Income Certification - PDF (PDF help)

F.Compliance Report Summary - PDF (PDF help)

G.Owners Certification of Program Compliance - PDF (PDF help)

H.Land Use Restriction Agreements - PDF (PDF help)

I.Homebuyer Income Certification - PDF (PDF help)

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