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Notice to FDIC Regional Economic Conditions (RECON) Users

Effective March 31, 2015 the FDIC will no longer provide the web application known as RECON (Regional Economic Conditions).

RECON pulls a narrow set of economic data from various public and private sources and compiles it into static charts and graphs for public viewing. The sources RECON pulls data from provide a wide array of economic and financial variables to the public and do so at a greater level of granularity and for more time periods than does RECON. As an alternative to RECON, you can find information on regional economic conditions from the primary data sources FDIC has used to produce RECON historically.

The following list of government data sources might help you after March 31, 2015 (please note that this list is not an exhaustive list of all public data sources):

FDIC State Profiles
FDIC Bank Data Guide
Federal Reserve Economic Data
Bureau of Census
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Bureau of Economic Analysis
US Courts Administration