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Bank Data Guide


The Bank Data Guide is a summary of various financial and analytical tools that are available on the FDIC's web site. For a complete list of our products on-line, go to the FDIC Home Page and select the Industry Analysis tab.

Quick Reference Table

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Reports of Structure Changes (ROC)

Call Reports (Consolidated Reports of Condition and Income)

Institution Directory (ID)

Statistics on Depository Institutions (SDI)

Deposit Market Share

Statistics at a Glance

Historical Statistics on Banking (HSOB)

Securities and Exchange Act Filings

Financial Analysis

FDIC State Profiles

FDIC Quarterly

Quarterly Banking Profile (QBP)

Economics and Research

Center for Financial Research (CFR)

Community Banking Initiatives

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Bank Data Guide Reference Chart

Web Products Target Audience Frequency of Updates Type of Data Data
Type of Analysis Bank List Downloads Reports Peer Groups
Depositors Analysts Bankers Regulators Weekly Quarterly Annually BHC(3) Institutions Branches Financial Economic Standard Custom Standard Custom
BankFind X       X       X X 1934(4)     X          
Reports of Structure Changes X X X X X(5)       x   1999     X X X      
Individual and Aggregate Data
Call and Thrift Financial Reports (CDR)   X X X   X     X   2001 X     X X      
Institution Directory (ID) X X X X X(1) X   X X X 1992 X   X X X   X  
Statistics on Depository Institutions (SDI)   X X X   X   X X   1992 X   X X X X X X
Summary of Deposits (SOD) X X X X     X X X X 1994 X   X X X X    
Deposit Market Share Report   X X X     X X X X 1994 X   X   X X    
Aggregate Data
Statistics at a Glance   X X X   X     X   2001 X       X      
Historical Statistics on Banking (HSOB)   X X X     X   X   1934 X       X      
Economics and Research
Center for Financial Research (CFR)   X X X X(2) X(2) X(2)   X       X            
Community Banking Initiatives   X X X   X     X X 1984 X X   X X      
FDIC State Profiles   X X X   X     X   2007 X X     X      
FDIC Quarterly   X X X   X     X   1995 X X     X      
FDIC Quarterly Banking Profile (QBP)   X X X   X     X   1994 X       X      

(1) Structure updates - updates to demographic information
(2) Varies
(3) Top Regulatory Bank Holding Company - for more information see the National Information Center
(4) History back to 1934, bank structure changes back to 1970. (Source: FDIC Structure Information Management System (SIMS))