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Center for Financial Research

20th Annual Bank Research Conference

Presented by the FDIC & JFSR

Last Updated: January 19, 2022
20th Annual Bank Research Conference

This year, the FDIC’s Center for Financial Research and the Journal of Financial Services Research are excited to be celebrating 20 years of partnership and bank research at the 20th Annual Bank Research Conference.

Conference Schedule & Agenda

The Bank Research Conference was founded under the principle that policy should be informed by research. Founded three years later under the same guiding principles, the Center for Financial Research has since served as the home of the Bank Research Conference, bringing together academics, industry representatives, and policymakers to inform policy debates.

Over its history, the Bank Research Conference has evolved from focusing on specific policy issues to a broader set of topics related to the banking industry and the FDIC mission. Recent Conference agendas feature both traditional topics in banking such as capital and liquidity, as well as emerging relevant topics identified by the research community. With its expanded scope, the Bank Research Conference has become a premier and highly competitive forum for bank research, receiving approximately 400 submissions from its Call for Papers and accepting approximately 25 for presentation.

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, the 2021 Bank Research Conference will feature two panel discussions, “20 Years of Banking: Lessons Learned” and “20 Years of Banking: Going Forward.” Consistent with the objectives of the Conference, the panels will highlight the role that research plays in understanding past trends and regulatory policies, while also providing a forward-looking view of the changing banking landscape. In addition, economists in the Center for Financial Research wrote a retrospective article analyzing the evolution and contributions of the Conference over the past 20 years. The findings of the article will be presented at the Conference on December 2.

The 2021 Conference features eight paper sessions held on December 2 and 3, reflecting both the traditional themes from the banking literature and the emerging trends affecting the industry. This year, as in years past, each session is assembled by its discussants, who synthesizes the session papers and helps place them in the context of both the academic literature and practical policy decisions.

We have enjoyed sharing the last 20 years of bank research with you and hope to share many more.


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