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Center for Financial Research

20th Annual Bank Research Conference

Presented by the FDIC & JFSR

Last Updated: November 23, 2021
20th Annual Bank Research Conference

Poster Session Videos

  • Bank Specialization and the Design of Loan Contracts

    Poster - PDF
    Marco Giometti, University of Pennsylvania
    Stefano Pietrosanti, University of Pennsylvania

  • Off-Balance-Sheet Activities and Scope Economies in U.S. Banking

    Poster - PDF
    Jingfang Zhang, University of Auburn
    Emir Malikov, University of Nevada — Las Vegas

  • Bank Concentration and Monetary Policy Pass-Through

    Poster - PDF
    Isabel Hanisch, University of Notre Dame

  • Creditor Control of Environmental Activity

    Poster - PDF
    Jason (Pang-Li) Chen, Drexel University

  • Watch What They Do, Not What They Say: Estimating Regulatory Costs from Revealed Preferences

    Poster - PDF
    Adrien Alvero, Columbia University
    Sakai Ando, International Monetary Fund
    Kairong Xiao, Columbia University

  • Does Banking Competition Really Increase Credit for All? The Effect of Bank Branching Deregulation on Small Business Credit

    Poster - PDF
    John Lynch, Ohio State University