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Chief Financial Officer's (CFO) Report to the Board

First Quarter 2016

In an effort to streamline the financial reporting process and provide the Board with more timely and meaningful financial information, the finance team consolidated and redesigned most of the financial reports being forwarded to the Board. Specifically, in the past, the Board received three separate quarterly reports, often at different intervals:

While these reports provided a good deal of useful information, there was no attempt to integrate this information and provide it at a more summary level. By doing so, we believe that the Board will have a better sense of what our overall financial results imply about our performance as a financial steward. As a result, we believe that the attached consolidated financial report will be much more useful to the Board in that regard and we welcome your comments on what we view as a work-in-progress.

Printable version - First Quarter 2016 CFO Report to the Board - PDF 364kb (PDF Help)