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The 2013 Interagency Minority Depository Institution and CDFI Bank Conference


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2013 Conference Overview

Every two years, the Federal Banking Regulatory Agencies (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), and Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (FRB), host this important interagency conference for FDIC-insured minority depository institutions in order to help preserve and promote their mission.  This year’s event was held June 10-12 at the FDIC’s L. William Seidman Center in Arlington, Virginia.  FDIC Chairman Martin J. Gruenberg, Federal Reserve Board Governor Sarah Bloom Raskin, and Comptroller of the Currency, Thomas J. Curry, welcomed other senior Federal officials and Minority and Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) bank executives from around the country, to explore “Strategies for Success through Collaboration.”

The conference encouraged interactive discussion among those who believe minority depository institutions and CDFI banks are uniquely positioned to create positive change in their communities.  The conference also encouraged a diverse array of participants to express their views.

During plenary sessions on the first morning, the conference heard from Washington.  Senior officials from Federal agencies provided updates on programs and policies that can help minority and CDFI banks achieve their goals.  During the afternoon, it heard from the industry.  Bank CEOs and investors “told their story,” communicated their strategies and successes, and made recommendations to the industry, Federal policy makers and others.

On the second morning of the conference, interactive roundtable sessions invited bankers, government officials, and all participants, to explore forming partnerships and networks to help Minority and CDFI banks achieve economies of scale and improve overall performance.  In the afternoon, bank directors, managers and staff also had the opportunity to attend brown bag lunch regulatory briefings and technical assistance training sessions, to learn how to improve overall regulatory performance.

Conference attendance generally included Minority and CDFI banks, their CEOs, Board members, managers and staff, speakers, and Federal agencies.  This is the first time that the conference included CDFI banks, which by definition serve low income areas.  About half of all CDFI banks are also minority banks.  Nearly 120 MDI and CDFI bankers attended, representing 77 banks.  The diverse participants ranged in size from $12 million in total assets to over $12 billion in total assets, and included:  25 African-American banks; 21 Asian-American banks; 15 Hispanic-American banks; 5 Native-American banks; and 5 CDFI-only banks.  Attendees included banks supervised by the FDIC, OCC and FRB.  Banker attendance was 31 percent higher than in 2011, when 90 minority bankers attended the interagency conference.  Forty-two banks attended in 2013 that did not attend in 2011 – representing increased diversity and inclusion.