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Banking on Data: Great Possibilities, Great Responsibilities

Presented by the FDIC & Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business

Last Updated: October 12, 2021
Banking on Data: Great Possibilities, Great Responsibilities

Today, public policies and programs rely heavily on data-driven insights. For policymakers, analysts and academics, mountains of data, especially big data, offer great possibilities—and challenges. The FDIC is partnering with Santa Clara University (SCU) Leavey School of Business to host a new webinar series, “Banking on Data: Great Possibilities, Great Responsibilities.” FDIC Division of Insurance and Research Director Diane Ellis and Professor Sanjiv Das of SCU will co-host five monthly webinars for both innovators and regulators. The series builds on the themes of the 2019 FDIC FinTech Research Conference and will feature academic paper presentations and policy-focused panels. The presentations will highlight the opportunities and challenges for financial institutions, consumers, and the financial system created by the use of big data and applied technologies. This bicoastal webinar series will bring together the FinReg and policy sector on the East Coast with the tech sector on the West Coast.

Webinar Series: