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Bid Summary

2010-2 SFR Venture, LLC
Date Sold: June 25, 2010

Winning Bidder: Turning Point Asset Management, LP
Winning Bid: $27.5 million; 50% equity; 1-to-1 leverage

Cover (second place) Bidder: Residential Credit Solutions, Inc.
Cover Bid: $25.0 million; 50% equity; no leverage; no threshold

Other Bidder Names:

Amherst Funding Group, L.P.
LSF6 Mortgage Acquisitions II,LLC
RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation

Other Bids - 50% no leverage, no threshold:

$18.1 million
$20.3 million

Other Bids - 50% 1-to-1 leverage:

$18.6 million