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Bid Summary

2010-1 RADC-CADC Venture LLC
Date Sold: August 26, 2010

Bidder CADC Pool Bid $ RADC Pool Bid $ Combined Pool Bid $ Comments
Winning bid:
Mariner Real Estate Partners, LLC
    52,120,888 Leveraged
Cover Bid:
Loyd Capital Partners-A, LP
  31,330,816   Leveraged
Other Bid: 10,224,200     Leveraged
Other Bid: 11,970,000      
Other Bid: 11,846,241     Leveraged
Other Bid: 9,061,290      
Other Bid:   40,679,048   Leveraged
Other Bid:     37,172,693 Leveraged

Other Bidder Names & Locations:

Greenfield Acquisition Partners V, LP
Rialto Capital Management, LLC