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Bid Summary

Multibank 2010-1 SFR Venture, LLC
Date Sold: April 01, 2010

Bidder Bids $ Comments
Winning bid:
Roundpoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation
34,362,310 Leveraged
Cover Bid:
Invesco Mortgage Recovery Master Loans AIV, LP
28,948,270 Leveraged
Other Bid: 28,826,069 Leveraged
Other Bid: 25,500,000
Other Bid: 25,350,000 Leveraged
Other Bid: 24,846,741
Other Bid: 24,532,825 Leveraged
Other Bid: 19,282,800 Leveraged
Other Bid: 18,399,618
Other Bid: 16,640,250 Leveraged

Other Bidder Names:

Amherst Funding Group, LP
Citigroup Global Markets Realty Corp
DLJ Mortgage Capital, Inc.
Loyd Capital Partners, LP
OWS Acquisitions II, LLC
PNMAC Capital Management, LLC
Residential Credit Solutions LLC