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Bid Summary

Multibank 2009-1 RES-ADC Venture, LLC
Date Sold: February 9, 2010

Bidder Eastern (E) U.S. Pool Bid in $ Central (C) U.S. Pool Bid in $ Western (W) U.S. Pool Bid in $ Combo Bid Type Combo Bid $ Combo bid Comments
Winning bid:
Rialto Capital Management, LLC / Lennar
      E,C,W 171,533,385 Yes Leveraged
Cover Bid:
Mariner Real Estate Partners LLC
      C, W 55,297,845 Yes Leveraged
Cover Bid:
Varde Management, LP
76,820,850   23,955,770       Leveraged
Other Bid:         167,956,578 Yes Non-Conforming
Other Bid:       E,W 134,156,736 Yes Leveraged
Other Bid:       E,C 121,330,232 Yes Leveraged
Other Bid:       E,C,W 115,603,241 Yes  
Other Bid:       E,W 102,421,529 Yes Leveraged
Other Bid:       E,W 84,529,442 Yes  
Other Bid:       E,C 81,372,419 Yes  
Other Bid:       E,C,W 76,618,233 Yes Leveraged
Other Bid:       C, W 70,211,266 Yes Leveraged
Other Bid:       E,C,W 65,425,735 Yes  
Other Bid:       E,C,W 60,236,699 Yes  
Other Bid:       C, W 49,553,879 Yes  
Other Bid:       E,C 47,588,954 Yes  
Other Bid:       E,C 43,664,816 Yes  
Other Bid:     22,800,000       Leveraged
Other Bid: 36,093,768            
Other Bid: 38,653,610            
Other Bid:     22,000,000        
Other Bid:     24,500,000        
Other Bid:     21,505,338        
Other Bid:     29,095,488        
Other Bid:   8,273,719         Leveraged
Other Bid:   22,733,970 32,042,955       Leveraged
Other Bid: 54,332,641 21,997,316 26,091,036        
Other Bid:     13,915,220       Leveraged
Other Bid:     22,988,844        
Other Bid: 92,637,851 28,692,381 41,518,885       Leveraged
Other Bid:     8,700,000        
Other Bid:     11,700,000       Non-Conforming
Other Bid: 66,837,468           Leveraged

Other Bidder Names:

Affilion Capital Management LLC / Reeb
Asset Management Services Enterprises
Ayres Advisors, LLC
Colony Capital Acquisitions, LLC
Fortress Invesment / Encore Capital
JLM Financial Investments
Mariner Real Estate
Milestone Merchant Partners LLC / Oaktree Capital Management
Pacifica Enterprises
Rialto Capital Management, LLC / Lennar
Sequoia Debt Ventures
Starwood Capital Group
Varde Partners