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Bid Summary

Multibank 2009-1 CML-ADC Venture LLC
Date Sold: February 9, 2010

Winning Bidder: Rialto Capital Management, LLC
Winning Bid: $71.9 million; 40% equity; Combined; 1-to-1 leverage

Cover Bid: AIGL Development Corporation (East Pool Leveraged) - $14.0 million
Cover Bid: Blue Rock G-8 Capital Fund, LLC (West Pool Leveraged) - $38.8 million

Other Bidder Names:

Asset Management Services Enterprises
Colony Capital Acquisitons, LLC
LNV Corporation
Obsidian Finance Group, LLC
PH Management, LLC
PMO Loan Acquisiton, LLC
Silver Leaf Financial, LLC
Turner Opportuity Fund I, LP

Other Bids - Combined No Leverage

$8.0 million
$17.9 million
$21.7 million

Other Bids - East Pool Leveraged

$7.9 million

Other Bids - West Pool No Leverage

$32.6 million

Other Bids - West Pool Leveraged

$17.2 million
$19.7 million
$20.8 million
$21.2 million
$29.0 million
$33.0 million
$47.9 million