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Bid Summary

2011-1 CRE Venture, LLC
Date Sold: August 10, 2011

Bidder Southeast Pool Bid $ West / Mid-Atlantic Pool Bid $ Midwest Pool Bid $ Combined Pool Bid $ Comments
Winning bid:
COL FIN 2011 CRE Funding, LLC (Colony Capital Acquisitions, LLC)
      65,470,785 Leveraged
Cover Bid:
Acorn Loan Acquisition Venture V L.P. (Oaktree)
      58,881,187 Leveraged
Other Bid: 14,760,218       Leveraged
Other Bid: 14,026,677       Leveraged
Other Bid: 9,597,784       Leveraged
Other Bid: 8,487,662        
Other Bid:   21,240,290     Leveraged
Other Bid:     21,282,220   Leveraged

Other Bidder Names & Locations:

HRC SVC Pool II Acquisition LLC (Hudson Realty Capital LLC)
Manchi, LLC