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Bid Summary

2011-SIP-1 RADC Venture, LLC
Date Sold: August 04, 2011

Bidder Bid $ Comments
Winning bid and bidder:
HRC SVC Pool II Acquisition LLC (Hudson Realty Capital LLC)
Cover Bid:
Acorn Loan Acquisition Venture IV L.P.
Other Bid: 14,219,420  
Other Bid: 13,951,817 Leveraged
Other Bid: 13,429,929  
Other Bid: 12,916,740  
Other Bid: 12,908,040 Leveraged
Other Bid: 12,825,755  
Other Bid: 12,716,681  
Other Bid: 12,177,398  
Other Bid: 11,307,583 Leveraged
Other Bid: 10,521,111  
Other Bid: 10,521,111  
Other Bid: 10,472,561 Leveraged
Other Bid: 10,045,557 Leveraged
Other Bid: 9,375,000  
Other Bid: 6,975,750  
Other Bid: 5,017,775  
Other Bid: 3,757,000 Leveraged
Other Bid: 1,870,100  

Other Bidder Names & Locations:

Asset Resolution Corporation
BlackStar Financial, Inc.
Cache Valley Bank
KVO Capital Management LLC
Mariner Real Estate Partners III, LLC
Mountain View Mortgage II AIV, Trust A
Pauls Real Estate Opportunities (2009), LP
Rialto Real Estate Fund, LP
Toll Brothers, Inc.