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Bid Summary

2011-SIP-1 CRE/CADC Venture, LLC
Date Sold: August 04, 2011

Bidder Bid $ Comments
Winning bid and bidder: 25,645,023  
Cover Bid: 22,537,606  
Other Bid: 21,741,448  
Other Bid: 20,595,078 Leveraged
Other Bid: 20,555,548  
Other Bid: 20,081,189  
Other Bid: 17,986,105 Leveraged
Other Bid: 16,312,500  
Other Bid: 14,381,502  
Other Bid: 13,450,000  
Other Bid: 9,618,700  

Other Bidder Names:

Asset Revitalization Solutions LLC
Cadwyn Point Partners LLC
HRC SVC Pool II Acquisition LLC (Hudson Realty Capital LLC)
KVO Capital Management LLC
Mariner Real Estate Partners III, LLC
MountainView Mortgage II AIV, Trust A
Pauls Real Estate Opportunities (2009), LP
Rialto Real Estate Fund, LP
Shay Investment Services, Inc.