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Creating an Inclusive Workplace

The objective of inclusion is to create an environment where every employee, including women and minorities, has an equitable opportunity to achieve personal success and contribute to the organization's success. As an organization becomes more inclusive of employees with different backgrounds, it becomes vital to ensure that they are able to become a part of the mainstream. The following strategies are ones that can be taken to retain employees.

  1. Providing career development opportunities to give employees an opportunity to grow within the company and to stay marketable in their field.

  2. Providing mentoring and coaching programs to engage and provide informal guidance and feedback to employees to help guide them and serve as a resource.

  3. Supporting employee resource groups to facilitate employee engagement, networking, and personal development.

  4. Supporting career/work life balance with flexible work schedules, tele-work, wellness programs, etc.

  5. Promoting an inclusive work environment by ensuring employees have an opportunity to contribute directly to the organization, and effectively communicating the company's diversity and inclusion policy to all employees.