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Last Updated: August 22, 2022

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  1. Opening remarks
  2. General Banking Conditions
    1. What are the biggest economic challenges and opportunities you are currently facing?
    2. How are conditions in your area over the past six months? Have rising interest rates slowed demand at all?
    3. What is the state of consumer and business confidence? Are any industry sectors experiencing notable contraction or expansion?
  3. Facilitating Partnerships (Small Group Breakout Sessions)
    1. What additional support in facilitating partnerships would you like to see from your regulator?
    2. What more would you like to see your regulator do to promote the MDI and CDFI field more broadly?
  4. Training, Outreach, and Technical Assistance
    1. Please share topics you would like to see training or technical assistance on. What specifically about these topics would you like to know more about?
    2. What format do you want to receive information? (ex. training/technical assistance/webinars)
  5. Closing Remarks