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Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

Directory of College and University Degree Programs

Among the highlights of the FDIC’s 2016 Community Banking Conference was a panel discussion regarding how community banks are managing succession planning.  The FDIC committed to explore ways to promote community banking education programs.  Following the conference, the FDIC developed a directory of colleges and universities offering undergraduate programs that prepare students for careers in community banking.

These banking programs require courses across the business disciplines of accounting, communications, economics, finance, management, marketing, mathematics, and technology.  In addition, the programs also include courses appropriate to community banking, which may include bank management, operations, risk management, and compliance.

The FDIC will periodically update the directory in order to provide current information to community banks and those interested in pursuing a career in community banking.  The FDIC welcomes public feedback.  Questions and comments regarding the directory may be submitted to

Directory of Two-Year Degree Programs focused on Community Banking

Directory of Four-Year Degree Programs focused on Community Banking

Please note that the FDIC’s inclusion of any institution does not constitute an endorsement, a recommendation, or a favoring by the FDIC or the United States government.  Please also note that FDIC recognizes that this list may be incomplete and that other institutions not identified may offer similar banking programs.

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