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Decisions on Bank Applications

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The orders and statements below were approved in connection with activities under §24 of the F.D.I. Act, Part 362 of the FDIC's regulations, and in some cases also under §18(l) of the F.D.I. Act and Part 347 of the FDIC's regulations. While most of the post-1997 orders and statements set out below are derived from official sources, there are many older pre-1997 orders and statements issued under § 24 that were scanned from archived files. These may vary slightly in terms of the conditions actually imposed as approved by the Board of Directors. We have tried to exercise the greatest care in the reproduction of these older scanned documents.


Part 347 Applications - Bank may acquire and hold equity interest in foreign organizations under 18(l) of the FDI Act.

Life insurance policy on former employee, officer, director - Bank may maintain life insurance policies on bank directors, officers and employees

Subsidiary structured as limited liability company - Bank may indirectly through a majority owned subsidiary organized as a limited liability company engage in activities under § 24 of the FDI Act.