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Deposit Insurance: An Annotated Bibliography 1989 - 1999

Deposit Insurance: An Annotated Bibliography 1989 – 1999 compiles what has been written on the topic of deposit insurance. This bibliography has been compiled to assist researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and others in more efficiently searching through the voluminous amount of printed information available on the subject of deposit insurance. By making this literature more accessible, we hope to stimulate additional research on issues of ongoing concern in the field of deposit insurance.

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Table of Contents

  1. Annotated Bibliography - Full Copy
  2. Introduction
  3. General Deposit Insurance Theory and Policy
  4. Designing and Establishing Deposit Insurance Systems
  5. Pricing and Valuation of Insured Depository Institutions
  6. Regulation and Supervision of Insured Depository Institutions
  7. Role of Deposit Insurance in Bank Failures
  8. Economics of Deposit Insurance
  9. Deposit Insurance and Moral Hazard, Risk, and Incentives
  10. Safety Nets, Deposit Insurance, and Subsidies
  11. Country- or Region-Specific
  12. Deposit Insurance Reform in the United States: Pre-FDICIA
  13. Deposit Insurance Reform in the United States: Post-FDICIA
  14. Legal Aspects of Deposit Insurance
  15. Too Big to Fail
  16. FDIC-Administered Insurance Funds
  17. Author Index

Annotated Bibliography - Update 2000-2003