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FDIC-Duke Financial Technology Conference

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A Conversation on Fintech and Innovation
Financial inclusion, fintech partnerships,
the proliferation of data, and other emerging
issues in the banking sector.
Steven Mnuchin, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
Jelena McWilliams, FDIC Chairman

Regulatory Perspectives from the Comptroller
The roles and responsibilities of regulators in fostering innovation
Joseph Otting, OCC Comptroller of the Currency

Regulatory Approaches to Innovation
Opportunities and challenges of rethinking the regulatory approach to new technology.
Sarah Biller, Fintech Sandbox
Paul Watkins, CFPB
Nick Cook, FCA (UK)
Daniel Gorfine, CFTC

Data and Technology in Lending
Positive and negative ways data and technology
can influence who obtains credit
Robin Prager, Federal Reserve
Manju Puri, Duke University
Richard Stanton, UC Berkeley
Yi Huang, Graduate Institute (Geneva)
Melissa Koide, FinRegLab

Open Dialogue with Chairman McWilliams
Views on competition, data, partnerships, and other key issues in fintech
Jelena McWilliams, FDIC Chairman

Competitive Landscape of 2019 and Beyond
Factors affecting the future of financial intermediation
Margaret Tahyar, Davis Polk
Tomasz Piskorski, Columbia University
Tetyana Balyuk, Emory University
Jason Henrichs, Fintech Forge

Fintech and Venture Capital
The direction of fintech investment and what it means for the banking industry
David Robinson, Duke University
Amias Gerety, QED Investors
Matt Rhodes-Kropf, Tectonic Ventures
David Jegen, F-Prime Capital

Fintech and Decision-Making
Potential benefits and unintended consequences
of using data and technology to inform
financial decision-making
Penny Crosman, American Banker
Nagpurnanand Prabhala, Johns Hopkins University
Bruce Carlin, UCLA
Ramana Nanda, Harvard University
Ashley Nagle Eknaian, Eastern Bank